Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Senatorial Compromise

I am so disappointed on this Senate compromise. Here's some of my thoughts, that I think you will share. A problem with this deal is that the Democrats did not what to be put in a position where they would have to filibuster Janice Rogers Brown in particular Boxer and Finestein. They do not want to be accused of being as anti-minority or anti-civil rights. This gets them off the off the hook with their black & women minority constituents and furthermore somewhat insulates them from their radical moveon.com base by allowing them to say that they had to compromise to avoid the filibuster rule change which would have occurred otherwise. This weakens the President/executive branches power by sending Pres. Bush a message/warning that he should consult with Dems prior to nomination of a Supreme Court Judge. The new heroes and leaders of the democrats are the gang of seven who will become the new microphones of the democratic party. Americans are tired of listening to Byrd, Schumer, and that bore Harry Reid so with these new guys which are considered heroes now have gravitas to speak authoritatively on left wing/secular issues.

From the Republican side, Senator McCain is the de facto leader of the Republican Senate and getting back at Bush for losing the party nomination in 2000. This strengthens his hand for the Republican Nomination in 2008.

This was a brilliant political chess move make by the Democrats for they give up nothing. They can still filibuster when/if a pro-life and devout Christian is nominated. They are off the hot seat regarding the Political Correctness question regarding women and blacks vis a vis Qwens and Brown. They stop the bad press that is generated by the virtual shut down of the government's business caused by this preoccupation with the Judiciary. Its a win for the Dems thru and thru.
The Republicans have rolled over and make me wonder if it really matters that the Republicans control the Legislative and Executive Branches if they won't flex their muscles against the Kennedy and Boxer crowd. They agreed to not consider changing rules for 1 1/2 years!Question: Do you think if the Dems controlled the Legislative and Executive Branches the minority Republicans would have been able to pull off a slick move like this? I do doubt it and in fact I don't think they would have had the manipulative genius to even try.

With all due respect, I think George Will is wrong. The filibuster or Senate rule XXII has been changed like 6 or 7 times since its inception in 1917 and always by the Democrats. George Will fails to see that the President has a constitutional responsibility to nominate to the Judiciary and the Senate a constitutional obligation to vote them up or down. The rule change would have only dealt with Filibuster/Cloture on Judicial Nominees ONLY! Up until Pres. Bush came into office 51 votes were required but now 60 are required to approve Judicial Nominees. This entire exercise shows that tyranny of the minority rules in our country. Its a sad day for this was a bad compromise by the Republicans even if it wins in the court of "public opinion" of the MSM. The only ones who really like this are the Democratic leaders and the MSM. That makes me wonder? Democratic strategy for future power seems to lie Judicial Imperialism as you have often said. With this deal they live to fight many future battles and with this precedent have raised the filibuster bar even higher because it fortifies the "Senatorial Tradition" argument.

The Republicans agreed to but their gun(Constitutional Option) in the closet for a year and 1/2 while let the Dems keep the gun(Filibuster) in their hands if they promise not to us it! Where's the wisdom in an agreement like that?


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