Thursday, March 02, 2006

Great Rebuttal to the Paleo-Cons

I loved Hugh Hewitt's rebuttal to George Will's WaPo article("Rhetoric or Unreality") on his website! The Buchannon right wingers to which I guess Mr. Will has endorsed and included himself by his article are stuck in the Cold War Containment Protocol, wherein as long as a regime is not aligned nor supported by the USSR keep our noses out. There's been a paradign shift since President Reagan caused the Iron Curtain to CRUMPLE! Now that a cancer like a Stateless Terrorist Regimes that exist as loose networks and franchises are rooted at large society! These new Gangs roving throughout the World pose a heretofore unknown threat to us all. These Paleo-Cons need to be refurbished into Neo-Cons so that they will not be become Paleolithic fossils found thousands of years from now found by archeologists who are decesndants of people luck enough to have who survived a Neo-Jidhadist or Neo-KorCom Nuclear Explosion!


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