Thursday, March 02, 2006

Zogby Poll Interpretation

From Radioblogger

  • HH: Good. John, your poll has created quite a lot of controversy out of Iraq. Who paid for it?
  • JZ: It was a gentleman who is a very wealthy individual who is anti-war, but he had absolutely no influence on any of the questions at all. He just simply wanted to know how do the troops feel? We have released the questions to everyone. The questions were very benignand objective. We're not accustomed to doing anything any other way.
  • HH: Has he commissioned polls from you before?
  • JZ: No.
  • HH: Did you got to Iraq to oversee the taking of the poll?
  • JZ: No, I personally did not. I've polled Iraq 14, 15 times, but I have a partner in the Middle East who does my Middle East polling. That's a standard procedure for those of us with global firms. We have partners overseas, some of us have franchises that actually conduct them.
I know what happened with the Obscure background of the "Al" Zogby Poll....It is pure and it is a good Tallyman Poll for it wears a Burka!
Zombie predicted a comfortable win for
John Kerry (311 electoral votes, versus 213 for Bush, with 14 too close to call), saying that "Bush had this election lost a long time ago," adding that voters wanted a change and would vote for "any candidate who was not Bush." This Zombie of a Pollster admitted that he was off but he would not admit any possible flaws in his polling techniques. This Poller insisted that his predictions were all "within the margin of error." No doubt calling the race for Kerry while polling was a sneaky attempt to depress the turnout.
You see Zogby's brother is James "Jim" Zogby, founder of the influential Arab-American Institute. and is also employed part-time by Zogby polling. Furthermore, He describes himself as a liberal Democrat. Since May 2005 he's been a contributing blogger at the Moonbat hang out of The Huffington Post.


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