Thursday, April 06, 2006

Plea to my great President and his Family

Dear President Bush: I believe that false compassion emanates from the Apostolic chair of Cardinal Mahoney who echoes Preacher/Senator Bill Clinton and wannabe President and yes even my beloved President Bush and his great family! Why won't my venerable Catholic Church direct the charges of unchristian and anti-biblical charges against the corrupt government of Mexico, which makes the Mexican flee their Rich Country? Interestingly the real answer is found by reading between the lines in Gov. Jeb Bush's statement: Florida Gov. Bush Calls Tone of Immigration Debate 'Hurtful'.
Apparently, the Hispanics(my very own ethnic group) represent perks aka money & votes that everybody including politicians,Catholic Church and even the Fantastic Bush Family want.
If a terrorist comes across the border and pulls a "Beslan" the President Bushes(41 & 43) need to realize that George P. and Gov. Jeb Bush's Executive aspirations will be null and void! This will be more 'Hurtful' than doing the right thing to protect our country and honor our laws. Mr. President build A WALL I beg you, please!
As a Bush voter, fervent Catholic and the son of LEGAL Immigrants(who at one point received deportation papers) and now Naturalized US Citizens I'm not "HURT" by your action to protect the Country of my birth and my parents' chosen county! I am not hurt by taking the action necessary to uphold our Country's Law and History of Fair Immigration Policies!...
Thank you Sir and Dominus Vobiscum (May the Lord Bless You) and yours..
Sincerely yours,
Francis X. Yubero, M.D.


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