Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rush Limbaugh's Show hears about the need for GOP Tactics for the Border Security Wall!

About 2 hours ago I was just on the Rush Limbaugh Program, with Mark Bellingham, the substitute for Rush. I was promoting my suggestion for the Bush Administration that a High and Thick Wall protects all People of the Americas and indeed the Occidental World. The USA is the Economic and Democratic Engine of the World which Al Qaeda wants to take out using the Death by 1000 slashes! If Al Qaeda types, who try to blend in with Hispanics Illegals use C4 to take out San Onfre Power Plant creating a Chernobyl type Disaster....
not only will the GOP be in trouble but Mexico will get Nuclear Down Wind Fallout as will the US Southwest! Mexico's economy which is so dependent on Mexican Ex-patriot dollars fueling its economy will collapse because the Migrant Workers will die! Mr. Bellingham agreed! A Great China Type Wall although not full proof makes it more difficult for the Terrorist and will help regularize the border!
Once this is done we can deal with regularizing the Illegal People and bring them in out of the "Shadows"! A Wall is smart option but the MSM dictates the argument calling it Racist! I say change the Argument like one does in front of a Jury! Now that William Jefferson, the NOLA Congressman has been exposed the Dems can not use the Culture of Corruption CAMPAIGN against the GOP! Conservatives need to have a better pitch that old tired Racism thing! Additionally the USA Today story on the NSA has fallen flat now that the Telephone companies BellSouth and Verizon have asked the Paper for an Apology after denying the scope of the program and having participated in such a plan!
Thank for reading and Domnus Vobiscum
Francisco Javier/Francis Xavier Yubero


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