Thursday, July 20, 2006

Garbo Speaks and the Deseret Pens on Gov. Huntsman

Gracious Hat Tip to Jonny on the Spot the Blogger who broke this hot potato (MANGLED CAT)
Garbo Speaks and finally the Mormon Deseret News PensLooks like some of my theories are on target at least with people in Utah....
Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has picked his preferred presidential candidate for the 2008 Republican nomination ¬ó and it's not fellow Mormon and former Utah Olympic leader Mitt Romney.
  • Instead, Huntsman's office said Wednesday that Utah's governor will serve as one of many co-chairmen of early front runner Sen. John McCain's political-action committee, Straight Talk America.
    • "The governor has a great deal of respect for Gov. Romney of Massachusetts.....He felt he did an admirable job as head of our Olympic committee here in Utah and is a strong and effective governor in Massachusetts."said Huntsman's spokesman, Mike Mower.
Now if that is not a luke warm Hallmark Polite dribble!  For Huntsman certainly A welcome loss or departure aka "Good Riddance to Good Rubbish"  Oh and by the way and Gov. Romney "don't let the door hit you on the way out!"  Gov. Huntsman Romney gets a Gold Medal for his saving performance at your state's scandal plagued 2002 Winter games!....
  • But in the end, Huntsman found he had more in common with McCain when it came to Western issues, as well as foreign policy, Mower said, adding many co-chairmen of early front runner Sen. John McCain's political-action committee, Straight Talk America.
  • But there's some suggestion a President Romney might be more cautious about appointing a fellow Mormon to a key role.
  • Recent polls have shown that about one-third of registered voters would not be willing to vote for an LDS presidential candidate.
Thus McCain must see great advantage to bifurcating the Mormon vote and Romney's base!
  • "It's no secret that McCain has actively courted Gov. Huntsman, presumably because he sees Gov. Romney as his biggest rival if they both get into the race," Jowers said. Still, he said, Romney shouldn't be hurt by not having the support of Utah's governor.
  • The governor's father, Jon Huntsman Sr., is one of Romney's biggest supporters.
  • "It was absolutely a surprise," said Kirk Jowers, head of the University of Utah's Hinckley Institute of Politics and legal counsel to Romney's Commonwealth PACs. "The Huntsman family, including the governor, have been extremely supportive of Gov. Romney."
  • Huntsman appears to be the first governor who has jumped on board with a potential presidential candidate, Jowers said.
  • Kelly Patterson, director of Brigham Young University's Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, said it is early for such an announcement.
    • "It's just a strong signal that presidential politics starts earlier and earlier,"Patterson said"The big advantage is if and when that candidate is successful, you were there at the beginning. It's a gamble that could pay off big."
For more in of the Utahans opinnions Mangled Cat directs us to The Utah House Majority Whip Steve Urquart....

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