Friday, September 15, 2006

Lindsay not so Bionic and Muslims killing Catholic Priest with the Pope's Response

Reflections on the Non Bionic Senator Lindsay and Pope Benedict:
An Italian Roman Catholic priest was shot dead in his church in the Turkish Black Sea city of Trabzon

A priest was shot dead in the Black Sea port of Trabzon
on Sunday February 5 2006, police said. A Muslim high school student killed an Italian Catholic priest and Turkish television reports that the teenager had confessed - BECAUSE OF CARTOONS! and yelling Allah Akbar!! Where was CAIR and other Muslim Mullahs when a Preist was killed in Church while praying...I think the Pope was correct to point out the history of the Koran and the Sword...

  • The Vatican responds:
    Pope Benedict XVI said Monday that he hoped the blood shed by a Roman Catholic priest slain in Turkey over the weekend would become the (seeds of hope) to build a lasting fraternity between peoples. Benedict sent telegrams of condolences to church authorities in Italy and Turkey following the killing Sunday of the Rev. Andrea Santoro, 60, who was shot as he prayed in his church in the Black Sea port city of Trabzon, where he was the parish priest for a small Christian community.
    ...Benedict said he hoped (that the blood that he shed will become the seeds of hope for building an authentic fraternity among peoples.)

I listened to the Lindsey interview on the Hugh Hewitt yesterday. Was that Lindsey Wagner of Bionic Woman fame or the so called GOP Senator from South Carolina? I could not tell as both seem more concerned about Corinthian Leather rather than winning a war against Hashish Crazed Assassins who slit throats with as little thought as we American Infidels pop the tabs on Soda Cans. Hugh, with GOP folks like him(Warner, McCain, Snow, Collins, Chafee) in both chambers of Congress it just makes me wonder. Throw Colin Powell into the Mix and I worry about our Conservative Bearing. What would have happened if either American flight 175 or 11 hit the Capital Building instead of the WTC 5 years ago. When GOPers like these weakened the strong hand of the Executive Branch which wants to win this War I wonder if part of the Al Qaeda folks strategy recognized how dysfunctional the GOP and Legislative Branch was and how this dysfunctional reality is essentially a straight jacket on the American fighting Spirit and inures to Al Qaeda's benefit. How tragic that these lifer/career politicians are so lame, confused/conflicted and Politically Correct. When I listen to the not so Bionic Senator from South Carolina I wonder about this issue. What a shame that GOP People are so unlike the coach of the Occidental World, Winston Churchill and instead of being a bulldog like these GOPers are more like George Patton's bull terrier whose name was changed to Willie when spooked by a Minature French Poodle. Think about it, Al Qaeda took out the towers first to bring about a war and made the Capital Building a Secondary Target because the 2 houses of Congress are so castrated! Our leaders in both Chambers of Congress are unwittingly helping Al Qaeda. Non-Bionic Senator Graham is "Worried about future Wars" and the Geneva Convention?

  • My brother has an easy solution Senator Limpy: Tell the World and those Knuckleheads in the United Nations and our so called Allies in Europe that when Osama Bin Laden come out from hiding to sign on to the Geneva Convention its rule will ally to Gitmo but until that happens SORRY you are not a signatory. I wonder if that will fly with The Villain-pan and Jock Sure-Reck of France?

Sorry to think these things but Graham the Non-Bionic Lindsey Senator of s. Carolina is on my Mind.....
Yes, the Limpy thinking Politicians of the Occidental World who think like Graham and his fellow Senators with more concern over the "Corinthian leather car" Ricardo Montalban with Chrysler Cordoba1981 Chrysler Cordoba LSThe 1975 Cordoba presented the opera windows, coach lamps, and landau vinyl roof that were obligatory in its market.

The 1975 Cordoba presented the opera windows, coach lamps, and Landau vinyl roof(Corinthian Leather) that were obligatory in its market.

will permit The Cordova(not the Chysler car but the City in Spain) to be less Byzantine and become a Moslem Mosque again!....Then we will not be hearing Ricardo Moltalban voice talking about nice "Corinthian Leather" but will be hearing the Call to Prayer yelled from the Mosque Spires/Minarets and us Infidels will either be headless or paying the Dhimini Tax to keep them....

CatholicCatherdral In Cordoba Spain, a Mosque 500 years ago..The very year (1236) that Cordoba was recaptured from the Moors, by King Ferdinand III of Castile and rejoined Christendom, the Mezquita or Mosque pictured above in Cordoba Spain was reconsecrated a Christian church. Alfonso X oversaw the construction of the Villaviciosa Chapel and the Royal Chapel within the structure of the mosque, but later repented of this addition. The kings who followed added further Christian features: Enrique II rebuilt the chapel in the 14th century.
Dominus Vobiscum
Francis Xavier Y. M.D.


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New Pope Shows Spine
Islamonazi CAIR Is Not Impressed - video

Please Call The Vatican Embassy In Washington, DC at (202) 333-7121 to Express Your Support!

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