Friday, February 16, 2007

Sulejman Talovic Arithmetic but the Salt Lake PD does Calculus

Trolley Square Madman Sulejman Talovic(Slavic Version of Suleyman the Magnificent conqueror of the Balkens) is reported by his Aunt to be a practicing Muslim attending Friday Prayers
"  Ajka Omerovic said she never knew her nephew to shoot firearms. 
Although he quit school at 16, Sulejman Talovic often attended Friday prayers at the Al-Noor mosque on 700 East in Salt Lake City, said Salih Omerovic, Ajka's cousin. Salih Omerovic said the young man stopped coming to the prayers in December, when he landed a full-time job at Aramark Uniform Services in South Salt Lake. He said Sulejman Talovic's father had pressured his son to get a job to help out with the family's living expenses.
He carried an assault type short shotgun see pictured here:
Talovic had worked at Aramark Uniform Services for eight weeks on the production line. Monday he worked a full eight-hour shift.
Ajka Omerovic, Aunt: "He was working all day, he came home, took a shower and disappeared."
(Wherever the water touches during wudu'[ritual washing], that place will not burn in the hellfire.)
Suljeman  sported Wahhabi-style beard see pic here
Deseret Morning News goes after Michael Savage, Robert Spencer, and Charles Johnson of Little Greenfootballs and emailers for being bias in an article entitled:
" On ultraconservative Web sites like, the story of
Monday's shooting rampage at Trolley Square has been reduced to one
fact: "Salt Lake City Killer Was a Muslim."
O.K Deseret Morning News Let do the addition:
1.  The killer is a Muslim
2.  He attended Friday Prayers at a Mosque
3.  He sported a nascent Whabbi Type Beard madated by radicals
4.  He had high powered assault type guns
5.  He took a shower before going to the Mall with the intention of killing Americans/Ritual Washing known as Wudu
6.  5-6 Lone Assassin Attacks by Muslims in the Last Year in America
7.  Osama in 1998 Fatwa call for "Muslims to kill Americas Everywhere:
8.  Texas Al Qaeda Maldonado in US custody at present
Now this is all circumstantial but shouldn't our Journalists and their Outlets consider the possibility that this was a Terrorist Attack? 
If Suljeman were of any religion but Muslim the MSM would speculate that fanaticism might be a factor but because of Liberalism Muslims get a Break?  
The Media Emperor(MSM) has No Cloths.   
Despite the FBI's and Mainstream Media's Investigative Nonsense someone at the SLC Police Department and Counterterrorism guys have a BRAIN and not ony do addition but may be able to do Calculus Proofs! See Worldnet Daily report:
"But Salt Lake Police spokeswoman Robin Snyder told WND the FBI is still working with her department on the case, and investigators continue to explore the terrorism angle. "We will pursue every single lead," she said. "There is not one lead we are not willing to pursue. At this point, we don't have any idea of any motive. Nothing is ruled out."
Bruce Tefft, a former CIA counter-terrorism official who advises the New York City Police Department, told WND he was "flabbergasted" by the FBI's statement that it saw no possible connection to terrorism.
Nevertheless, Tefft – a founding member of the CIA's counter-terrorism center in 1985 – said the FBI's quick downplaying of terror ties in such cases is all too familiar and believes spokesman Kiernan probably was embarrassed by his statement.
"It's almost a joke in any counter-terrorism circles that within half a day of most unexplained incidents the FBI comes out and says it isn't terrorism," he said.
"They'll come out with a conclusion based on no information."
Kiernan did not reply to WND's request for comment.
Harvey Kushner, a counter-terrorism adviser to the federal government, told WND he also sees the FBI's response as typical.
Tefft pointed out, however, the FBI's continued presence in the investigation is an indication the terrorism angle is still being pursued. President Reagan, beginning in 1985, made the FBI the lead agency in all terrorism-related cases, he explained.
Some analysts have posed the possibility that since the objective of terrorism, after all, is to terrorize the public, the U.S. government has attempted to diffuse or take away its effect by publicly dismissing it as a source of violent acts.
Tefft says there is some logic to that, but believes if it were true, it "would show more intelligence in the psychological warfare arena than we've shown to date."
When the FBI uses extreme groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations as sensitivity trainers, "that's ignorance and political correctness, that's not a deliberate psychological warfare tactic," he said.
"I suspect they are just being politically correct to avoid a backlash by Muslims," said Tefft.
Finally someone other than Bloggers and Talk Show people are going to follow the obvious lead.  It may be a dead end and Sulejman Talovic make just be a Columbine Maniac but rule out Terrorism first!

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love
(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list.


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