Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cadinal Mahony on the ropes good! but truly pedophilia it less than 2 percent — comparable to the rate among married men

Mahony accounts of abuse case tape differ

Plaintiffs say he gave the Vatican a graver version of priest's role than he gave the public.....

The Catholic Church is paying thru the nose for their grievous sins.  GOOD and like in the Movie the "Mission" the Cardinal Altamirano says to the Pope
  • Altamirano: Your Holiness, a surgeon to save the body must often hack off a limb. But in truth nothing could prepare me for the beauty and the power of the limb that I had come here to sever.
to keep the Church alive in Portugal.  Will this arm is putrid and infected and now it is time to get rid of the Pedophiles Priest and any Bishops if they are complicit.  The Roman Catholic Church will survive because of the Holy Eucharist!...
  • http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20070219-9999-1n19diocese.html
  • An estimated 10,000 clergy-abuse lawsuits have been filed nationwide as the priest-abuse scandal rocked dioceses since 2002. More than 800 cases were filed in California.
  • The U.S. Catholic Church has paid an estimated $1 billion in jury verdicts and settlement agreements in priest-abuse cases since 1950, according to The Associated Press.
10 Myths about Priestly Pedophilia  from
  • In 1975, the Church issued another document called "Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics" (written by Joseph Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) that explicitly addressed, among other issues, the problem of homosexuality among priests. Both the 1967 and 1975 documents addressed kinds of sexual deviancy, including pedophilia and ephebophilia, that are is especially prevalent among homosexuals
  • Homosexuality isn't connected to pedophilia.

    This is plainly false. Homosexuals are three times as likely to be pedophiles as heterosexual men. Although exclusive pedophilia (adult attraction to prepubescent children) is an extreme and rare phenomenon, one third of homosexual men are attracted to teenage boys (Jenkins, Priests and Pedophilia). The seduction of teenage boys by homosexual men is a well-documented phenomenon. This form of deviant behavior is the most common type of clerical abuse and is directly connected to homosexual behavior.

    As Michael Rose shows in his upcoming book, Goodbye! Good Men, there's an active homosexual sub-culture within the Church. This is due to several factors. The Church's confusion in the wake of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the tumult following the Second Vatican Council, and the greater approval of homosexual behavior in the culture at large created an environment in which active homosexual men were admitted to and tolerated in the priesthood.
  • Catholic priests are more likely to be pedophiles than other groups of men.

  • This is just plain false. There's absolutely no evidence that priests are more likely to abuse children than are other groups of men. The use and abuse of children as objects for the sexual gratification of adults is epidemic in all classes, professions, religions, and ethnic communities across the globe, as figures on child pornography, incest, and child prostitution make abundantly clear. Pedophilia (the sexual abuse of a prepubescent child) among priests is extremely rare, affecting only 0.3% of the entire population of clergy. This figure, cited in the book Pedophiles and Priests by non-Catholic scholar, Philip Jenkins, is from the most comprehensive study to date, which found that only one out of 2,252 priests considered over a thirty-year period was afflicted with pedophilia. In the recent Boston scandal, only four of the more than eighty priests labeled by the media as "pedophiles" are actually guilty of molesting young children.

    Pedophilia is a particular type of compulsive sexual disorder in which an adult (man or woman) abuses prepubescent children. The vast majority of the clerical sex-abuse scandals now coming to light do not involve pedophilia. Rather, they involve ephebophilia — homosexual attraction to adolescent boys. While the total number of sexual abusers in the
    priesthood is much higher than those guilty of pedophilia, it still amounts to less than 2 percent — comparable to the rate among married men (Jenkins, Pedophiles and Priests).

    In the wake of the current crisis in the Church, other religious denominations and non-religious institutions have admitted to having similar problems with both pedophilia and ephebophilia among the ranks of their clergy. There's no evidence that Catholic prelates are more likely to be pedophiles than Protestant ministers, Jewish leaders, physicians, or any other institution in which adults are in a position of authority and power over children.

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