Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mitt Romney and the raw deal vis a vis the Media when you consider Barack Obama's Muslim roots

John and Lowell the gentlemen bloggers at Blogotional, Hedgehog Blog respectively and co-founders of Article 6, as per their usual, sounded great on the Hugh Hewitt Show interviews this week, while, Hugh, the Commish was out plugging his latest defense of the US Constitution Article 6 on the Airways and promoting M.R.(Mitt Romney) President. Hugh Hewitt has taken a preemption page from the JFK march to the Oval Office for MR(Mitt Romney)President. As students of history all of us know that JFK's speech at the Greater Houston Ministerial Association(made of mostly Baptist Ministers) was pivotal in his election. Thus, I truly applaud their efforts and those of Hugh Hewitt. Rudy G. is a strong leader but way to liberal on Social Issues especially abortion. I heard M.R.(President) on Larry King and he spoke with conviction, authority and eloquently on the embryonic stem cell issue. This he did in spite of heretofore unknown to me, his wife's Multiple Sclerosis. I have been impressed by M.R. President for a long time and given this new information presented to me via Hugh Hewitt, I am even more impressed. I like Rudy G.but do not like his unenlightened actions on "abortion rights". Additionally, I am a devout Roman Catholic and have tried to engage Sean Hannity on his "uninformed conscience"(Responsibility of Catholics who have received the Sacrament of Conformation) over Birth Control. Unfortunately Sean Hannity's analysis is par for the course for the majority of the 69 million Catholics in America and is in a work Tragic.

I believe M.R. President's change of heart on this Life issue to be sincere and really hope his campaign catches fire with Conservative and Christian Americans of all stripes. Furthermore I believe the fact that BO(Barack Obama) was initially a Muslim and later converted(he says is his twenties) is a BIG issue that the MSM ignores. This makes BO a Muslim Apostate and potentially a big factor should he reach the Oval Office. Especially now that the MSM reports that Presidents Clinton and Carter were on the Al Qaeda hit list. As was Pope John Paul II and as many American "Infidels" as possible. How will this issue and this "Apostasy" factor into BO's conduct and thinking as Commander in Chief? It is something worth debating in the blogs and New Media, especially since the knucklehead and misguide liberals in the MSM are fueling anti
M.R. President rhetoric because of his Mormon faith.

I have written several posts on this and I believe it merits consideration by the US Electorate.

Thanks to Blogotional, Hedgehog Central for their work at Article 6 Blog and Hugh Hewitt for his new Book A Mormon in the White House? 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney. Gentlemen Scholars of New Media keep up the good Work for M.R. President.

Barack Obama was raised a Muslim and Mitt Romney is a Mormon! Guess who gets my Vote?

Dominus Vobiscum

p.s.Imagine if the 69 million Catholics informed their consciences and voted with the 13 million Southern Baptists, 8 million Methodists and 5 million Mormons and the millions of Protestants and Fundamentalists Christians in America? This would be a country that God would surely Bless!...more than he has until now...


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