Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Try to catch RADIX and his version of the Passion on EWTN

On the Passion of Christ coming soon I remember this Special on EWTN that I saw last year on EWTN on Holy Thurday. I didn't get to Holy Friday service last year because we were traveling to Florida to take a Cruise with the family. I saw this on EWTN and it was so very very powerful. This Catholic performer named Doug Barry, has an apostolate Radix with youth pro-life and chastity outreach to young people in based out of Lincoln Nebraska.
  • RADIX has performed at World Youth Day and National Youth Day in Denver and have produced a variety of music albums for young and old alike. Their mission is to spread the truth of the Catholic faith through an unimaginable variety of ways, such as music, drama, comedy and one-on-one evangelization. They speak the truth to adults and youth in a style that guarantees deep reflection, thought and encouragement.
... RADIX is a Catholic ministry that challenges and encourages families to embrace their Catholic faith. RADIX, founded by Doug Barry, presents the Catholic faith in a clear and enthusiastic manner, using a variety of means such as drama, music, comedy and history. Eric Genuis is an internationally recognized classical musician, composer and performer. Doug and Eric combine their awesome talents to give a breathtaking presentation on "The Passion of Christ." In these live performances, audiences experience both the depth of faith communicated through Eric's melodies and lyrics, and also his own heartfelt explanations of the symbolism and imagery to be found in them.

Here's a website with his work. See video and sound clips here. This was certainly the most unique Passion I have ever seen and being Catholic I've seen quite a few. Not as powerful as the Mel Gibson Passion but certainly in that League. See if you can catch it on EWTN as I found it on their schedule this year!
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Please try to catch this special or purchase the DVD. This is a one man show that will move you to tears...it is so inspired

Dominus Vobiscum


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