Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Democrats Strategy is obvious the entire GOP must resign or go to Jail! Is this the series 24?

The Logan Democrats(of Jack Bauer's 24 fame) are Pig Piling on Non-Scandal after Non-Event.  I not a big open border Gonzales fan but he fired Attorneys is a scandal?  Clinton fired all but one at the beginning of his term and Bush does it Mid-Term?  They work at the "PLEASURE of the President" as Colin Powell often said while Secretary of State. These Logan Democrats want to bury the GOP on Stupid and Supercilious Issues.  The GOP and New Media needs to remind the Electorate of all the Scandals in their Party
All of these stories are substantial and  criminal leaks that hurt the War on Terror but the Press and the Justice department acts as if it is not a Crime. 
This is an upside world we live in.
The Liberals are cutting off their Noses to Spite their Faces.  Or are they acting like President Logan of 24 to move forward their Partisan Agenda.  Meanwhile the Terrorist are laughing at our Fecklessness.  Score is America -50 and Jihadists 50+...
America's politicians have lost there Minds especially the DEMS.  They suffer from the President Logan Syndrome.  I hope America pulls the equivalent of a Mrs. Logan and puts these knucklehead Dems and their Radical Major Media allies on LIFE SUPPORT by voting the Dems out of office and driving Katie Couric ratings further into the cellar!
Lord Help US!...
Dominus Vobiscum

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