Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fr. Fessio has a big Future

Hugh Hewitt reports that  Fr. Joseph Fessio, who was on his show yesterday and is a wonderful and enlightened man of God has been dismissed from Ave Maria University in Naples Florida.  It was founed by Tom Monaghan, of Dominos Pizza, a devout and Conservative Roman Catholic.   No doubt Father Josesph Fessio  has a big Future!....
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"Officials at Ignatius said they could not comment at this time on Fessio's future there.

But Fessio said his exit from Ave Maria University should free him up to focus more energy on his other endeavors.

"A great burden has been lifted off my shoulders," Fessio said."Now I can pray and work for the Lord's vineyards in other ways.

"The Lord has a plan. It will be revealed.

According to his official biography with the university, Fessio is a protege of Pope Benedict XVI, having written his dissertation under the direction of the pontiff while Benedict XVI was still a cardinal."

The Lord writes straight with crooked lines. Just yesterday during the interview with Hugh, Fr. Fessio indicated that Pope Benedict may made the High Latin Mass aka Tridentine Mass more available to Traditional and non-Cafeteria Catholics. I'm sure the Pope will be able to harness this good and talented Priest's abilities in this and many other important endeavors!

From Hugh Hewitt's Show Yesterday: Fr. Fessio to Hugh"....he(Pope Benedcit) requires that all international Masses be in Latin, and he encourages even in a general sense more Latin to be restored to the Mass. So that's an interesting thing......we're waiting for his motu proprio, that means on his own initiative. He is going to issue, probably in the next few weeks, a document which has to do with the restoration of the pre-conciliar Mass, the so called Tridentine Mass. I think he wanted to issue this document first as a more general treatment of the Mass, but now he's going to take another step forward when he issues his motu proprio."

The Mass is the life Blood of the Catholic Church and its fruits which impact the World flow from it. Fr. Fessio will be a factor in this I am sure!...
Dominus Vobiscum

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