Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Virgina Tech Killer was not a Psychotic

Here is a good and Short Review by an Australian Dr Lynne Eccleston, a forensic psychologist at Melbourne University after watching the chilling multimedia package sent by Cho to NBC. Eccelson Psychologist and her Diagnostic Impressions of the V-Tech Killer I found her via the Brisbane Times (great article on the Killer). 
Not Psychopathic and certainly not Psychotic but one with a "schitzotypal personality disorder".  I think he was plain Evil but for those who insist on a Psych Diagnosis.  It'll be changed to another Diagnosis. in the next DSM Classification.  These definitions are ever evolving as are the diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders now version(4)DSM-IV.  Here is her profile http://www.criminology.unimelb.edu.au/forensic/
Reports by Pyschiatric experts I've heard in the US are wrong and confusing.  I strongly doubt Medication would have helped this Mass Murdered with a Malignant Spirit.  He was a shrewd and cold blooded killer and simply a Misanthrope.  Like Mark Steyn-way stated on the Hugh Hewitt show that NBC-ho was an accomplice and as Hugh Hewitt declared this network will have blood on their hands, after copycat strikes, for being played like a tune by this Monster.  The NBC and MSM have no conscious nor concept of decency.  They are hiding behind the first Amendment and pushing a Liberal and Nihilist Agenda with a new Secular Morality.  Psychology has replaced common decency based on Morality which is the fruit of that "Old Time Religion." 
The Ten Commandments and the Morality which flowered from it and gave birth to our Declaration of Independence and Democratic Constitutional System of Government.  We do not need to fix what isn't broken. 

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