Monday, June 11, 2007

Pres. Bush's IMMIGRATION issue is back & surging! Why? & Whats the deal with Senator Lott?

I'm getting ill over President Bush's insistance on becoming a Kennedy staffer on Imigration.  Why do he do this?  I think I know What makes President Bush Tick?  First and Foremost Bush is loyal to his Family.  I always wondered about the Iraq war and thought he should have invaded, the 800 gorilla, Iran instead of Iraq becuz Iran is the root of the fundamentalist Islamic problem since the fall of the Shah.  He went after Iraq becuz Saddam wanted to kill his father 41 and Iraq was an easier target.  Then, he is for Immigration becuz Jeb's wife is Mexican and his Children are half Mexican.  The base hates this Immigration Issue but Bush pushes ahead regardless of  what we want.  Hispanics are the future voting block he seeks and his Nephew will run for President some day!
See this article and you'll know why Bush is the way he on immigration and then facter in his family.
Dominus Vobiscum
P.S.  Why do you think Senator Lott was so pro Immigration.  He is trying to make up for the Strum Thurmond comment about Dixiecrats and it having offended another big Minority Group.  Well he will not offend Hispanics on this one and has his filibuster to prove it!  Hugh this is an Animal House food fight over who will get the Hispanic vote pure and simple:  Here is another article at Hispanic Online
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