Thursday, June 07, 2007

The real reason why Immigration = Amnesty for President Bush 43, 41, Gov. Jeb Bush, the GOP & Dems!

The Chronic Politicians do not care about Americans of Anglos and European Stock because our population is is a hard cold fact!  We "Old" Americans have aborted and Birth controlled ourselves out of existence. Not enough of us have had babies to populate the future. The next group of drones who will vote for these life long politicians aka Plutarchs are Americans of Hispanic descent and not European!  Hispanics are the largest Minority and continue to have lots of Babies.  The Anglos are on the decline and Hispanics are the future, plain and simple so we do not count. 
George P. Bush, son of Jeb will be the next Bush in line to be President and he will be the first Presidente of America and his Parents, Uncle and Grandparents are greasing the skids for the next generation ruling Bush/Pierce.  You see Barbara Bush is related to President Franklin Pierce, our 14th President.
Barbara Bush's maiden name is Pierce and her family roots go back to Thomas Pierce, an early New England colonist.  This early American was also an ancestor of President Franklin Pierce our country's the 14th President. Barabara is a direct descendant, great-great-granddaughter, of James Pierce, Jr. who was a fourth cousin of Franklin Pierce. 
See St.Petersburg Times on Jeb Bush. The Bush Dynasty is setting up the next century of ruling Bush Family.
It is plain and clear that the Dems and GOP are in a progessional slug fest, fighting for the next century of Constituents.  Doing the Latin Swing; Latino voters are the Soccer Moms of the new decade
  • The growth of the Latino population has been dramatic in certain key Electoral College states. Latinos have grown in their traditional strongholds of Texas (29 percent of the voting age population), California (28 percent), New Mexico (39 percent), and Arizona (21 percent). But they are also becoming a sizable percentage of the voting age population in states such as Illinois (11 percent), Georgia (5 percent), North Carolina (4 percent), and Oregon (6.5 percent).
    Nevada has seen its Latino voting age population grow from 9 percent in 1990 to 17 percent in 2000. This growth has mainly been in Clark County (Las Vegas), where potential Latino voters have gone from 1 in 10 in 1990 to 1 out of 5 today. Because of this growth, Nevada is no longer a reliably Republican state and will likely be a swing state in 2004.


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