Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why President Bush is Pro-Amnesty...Family Ties, Fortune and Votes

I have supported this Presidente Bush for years having blogged my fingers off for him.  He has acknowledged my little effort with a letter of thanks.  Why fight the "Beasties"/Jihadists over there but leave the borders open for them to come here?  It makes no sense, I wondered.  Then I looked into it here and here.  Read about Matthew Dowd advice to President Bush about Hispanics while he was his strategist. 
All of The Bushes love Hispanics!  41 made his Millions with former Pemex CEO Serrano Diaz before he went to Politics.  They are good good friends with former Mex Pres. Salinas Gotari.  Jeb's wife, Columba is Mexican, thus his kids are half Mexican.  Jeb made his millions in Florida Real Estate with Armando Codina, a Cuban National and Naturalized American real estate Millionaire.  Jeb's son George P will run for President someday.  The Hispanics are the largest Minority in the USA and the GOP has been trying to get the Hispanic Vote going back to Reagan.  Look up the name Lionel Sosa and you'll see what I mean. 
  • Lionel Sosa(see magazine Hispanic Today) has been part of Bush's advertising team since the candidate first ran for governor. He says his favorite commercial, aired during that first campaign, showed the candidate at a September 16th Mexican Independence Day parade in Texas "interacting with Latinos just as well as the most popular Democrats, like Robert and John Kennedy."
    Bush's positions on key issues-such as wages, education, affirmative action, and health care-are better than those of his GOP rivals, Hispanic activists say. But Kamasaki of La Raza calls Gore "he most inclusive."
The Bushes and the GOP are selling Americans out for votes.   This is the new world order Bush 41 spoke of.  I am so disappointed and upset with the Bush family.  I am also a son of legal Immigrants from Spain!

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