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New Strategy for the GOP that'll kill the Amnesty Bill unless we get a Wall...Its the Mexican Drug War!

What do you think of this for a strategy to change the argument giving the GOP and the American people a new reason to fight for the Wall. The building a Wall vis-a-vis Immigration Issue is falling on deaf hears with our national leaders because Liberals liken the wall to the Iron Curtain and Bigotry. That having been said and the apparent party line why not rying changing the argument. The United States-Mexican border is a War Zone thanks to the Drug Cartels. Perhaps the argument can shift to focus on this issue as justification for the immediate and accelerated construction of a wall to protect American Citizens! Even Mexico has had no recourse but to mobilize over 30,000 troops. The problem is that many of them have deserted and are working as hit for the Drug Cartels! Thus the following serves as a primer for our Senat-amnesty GOP Senators:

1. from the Christian Science Monitor May 22, 2007 "Escalating drug war grips Mexico"

  • Faced with assassinations of top police officials, death tolls at historic highs, and be-headings in the most innocuous public spaces, Mexico's President Felipe Calderón sent an unprecedented 30,000 troops and police across the country to tackle drug-related violence after taking office in December.

  • But nearly six months later the terror has only gotten worse, as drug cartels battle for smuggling routes into the US. Officials are now even comparing the violence to the drug wars that plagued Colombia for more than a decade.

  • More than 1,000 people have been killed this year alone in drug-related violence, according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal. Reporters have "disappeared," innocent bystanders have died, the US has issued travel warnings, and locals whisper about the worst violence they've ever seen.

  • Some politicians have even called for troops to be deployed to Mexico City in the same fashion that some 30,000 have spread out around Michoacán, Acapulco, and along the US-Mexican border.

  • "The government says that the violence and executions are the result of government pressure," he says. "[The drug gangs] act completely autonomous of the government; the government does not affect their operations nor their plans for business."

  • Reporters have "disappeared," innocent bystanders have died, the US has issued travel warnings, and locals whisper about the worst violence they've ever seen.

  • It is often unclear whether they are killed because of their involvement in combating organized crime or because they are part of it. Mexico has now become the second deadliest country for journalists after Iraq, according to Reporters Without Borders.
    Last year, 2,000 people were killed in drug-related violence. This year the 1,000 mark came May 15
    – two months earlier than the year before and four months earlier than in 2005.

2. Houston Chronicle June 18, 2007, 11:54AM "New fear in Mexico: Army soldiers fleeing for cartels" Failure to track the thousands of deserters may lead to a pool of hit men... (HT Laura Ingraham)

  • MEXICO CITY — The most ruthless gang of drug-cartel hit men in Mexico are deserters from the army's elite. But the Zetas, as the ex-soldiers are known, may not be the only troops who abandoned their posts to work for the cartels.
    In the eight years since the Zetas were organized, more than 120,000 Mexican soldiers have deserted the army, according to the government's records. Yet the country's defense officials have made little effort to track their whereabouts, security experts said, creating a potential pool of military-trained killers for the drug-trafficking gangs wreaking havoc in the country.
    "Even if just 5 percent of those join the cartels, that's an army of hit men," said Georgina Sanchez, an independent security analyst in Mexico City.
    High desertion rates within Mexico's armed forces, usually blamed on poor salaries and harsh living conditions, are nothing new. Until receiving a raise this year, rank-and-file soldiers made $330 a month, less than many police officers.

  • The danger has escalated under the seven-month administration of President Felipe Calderon, who has sent more than 25,000 troops and federal police to areas under siege by the traffickers. In the process, experts say, he has also made the soldiers vulnerable to the cartels' corrupting influence.
  • Gomez said she believes that rival gangs were already using former soldiers to combat the Zetas. She pointed to a video aired on YouTube in March showing men with assault rifles and combat fatigues interrogating two captives, who identified themselves as Zetas. Soon after, another video appeared of unidentified captors torturing and decapitating a man with a "Z" painted on his stomach.
    "You can tell by how they act," she said of the captors. "These aren't police. And they certainly aren't local ranch hands."
  • Desertion rate of 8% a year
  • Since 2000, an average of 16,000 soldiers a year, out of a total force of about 195,000, deserted the army, according to Defense Secretariat figures obtained through freedom of information laws. That's a desertion rate of about 8 percent a year.
  • In contrast, 3,301 soldiers deserted the U.S. Army in 2006, or 0.65 percent of the total force of about 500,000 troops, according to the Army's press office. The same year, 428 soldiers were court-martialed and convicted of desertion.
  • Mexican army officials recognize the problem. But they say the sheer numbers of deserters make it impossible to keep track of them, much less bring them to trial. Desertion is punishable by a prison sentence of 2 months to 12 years.
3. from Dallas/fort Worth channel 8 June 10, 2007 Authorities in U.S. border cities say May shootout shows danger of drug wars crossing over...

  • Ranchers and merchants in the border towns say they've seen the fallout from the violence and worry about more to come, either in Mexico or in Arizona. Some 50 drug hit men convoyed into Cananea in northern Sonora state on May 16 and killed seven people, including five police officers who officials believe were targeted for betraying an agreement with a drug cartel.
    Army troops and police then pursued the gunmen, identified as former Mexican army elite soldiers known as "Zetas," through rugged mountains and, according to Mexican authorities, killed 16.
    The confrontation followed shootings in southern Arizona in which gunmen trying to hijack drug loads killed illegal immigrants in the vehicles they attempted to stop.
  • Some 35 miles west of Douglas, near the border city of Naco, a hundred or more illegal immigrants daily cut across the San Jose Ranch owned by Jack Ladd and his son, John.
  • The men said the violence around Cananea put a quick stop to the immigrant foot traffic on the ranch, which stretches along more than 10 miles of the Mexican border.
  • Jack Ladd said migrants apparently holed up in staging areas in and around Naco for about a week, and John Ladd said he's convinced that drug cartel criminal activity has been ongoing in the area since July and now has engulfed migrants.
  • "They're running the people [illegal immigrants] now, too," he said. "Instead of the mom-and-pop taxi service out of Naco, Sonora, it's the cartel that's doing it," he said.

3B. Sierra Vista Herald, Arizona Wednesday, June 20, 2007

  • "Fort HUACHUCA (in Arizona) soldiers' travel to Mexico restricted"
    Published on Saturday, May 19, 2007
  • FORT HUACHUCA — The commander of the Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca is restricting soldiers' assigned to the fort from traveling into Mexico and requiring them to exercise care when traveling in United States border communities.
  • Additionally, Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast is advising Army civilian personnel and family members of military and civilians to be careful.
  • Specifically, in a message, she stated: "In view of the recent increase in drug-related violence just across the Mexican border near the towns of Cananea and Naco, until further notice, I am directing that all military personnel and strongly advising all Department of the Army civilian personnel and their families to restrict their travel by avoiding the border towns of Mexico. If you or your families are traveling near the border on the U.S. side, please use caution."
4. Kcol News Channel 13 Tucson "Port Of Entry Violence Causes Alert"
May 21, 2007 12:01 PM PDT
  • Violence in Mexico has authorities on high alert at the Naco port of entry. This following a deadly outburst earlier this week south of the border.
    Mexican authorities are not letting cars drive through the Naco checkpoint into Mexico. You can still walk across. U.S. authorities are letting both drivers and walkers through into the U.S., but Customs and Border Protection says they are on heightened alert.
  • Fort Huachuca began restricting its soldiers from traveling into Mexico until further
    notice. This all stems from two deadly shootings in two weeks. The first happened last week when two officers in Nogales, Sonora drove into an ambush. Suspected drug runners opened fire with AK-47s, hitting a patrol truck at least 50 times. One of the officers was killed.
  • Earlier this week in Cananea, Mexico, about 30 miles south of Naco, gunmen linked to drug cartels stormed in and executed four police officers before getting into a huge gunfight with police. In all, 22 people died including 15 of the gunmen.
    Mexican authorities were doing rumor control Friday. They say reports of gunmen moving in on Cananea are false.

5. Washington Times August 2005 cached as it is an older article forecasting the above!...."Mexican mercenaries expand base into U.S."

  • A renegade band of Mexican military deserters, offering $50000 bounties for the for the assassination of U.S. law-enforcement officers, has expanded its base of operations into the United States to protect loads of cocaine and marijuana being brought into America by Mexican smugglers, authorities said. It is the most active port-of-entry along the U.S.-Mexico border.
    The deserters, known as the "Zetas," trained in the United States as an elite force of anti-drug commandos, but have since signed on as mercenaries for Mexican narcotics traffickers and have recruited an army of followers, many of whom are believed to be operating in Texas, Arizona, California and Florida.

Now the last my not least important bullet point for the GOP and the American citizens comes from this Heritage Foundation article June 19, 2007: (HT Laura Ingraham)
  • 6. "The Senate Immigration Bill: A National Security Nightmare"
    by Kris W. Kobach, D.Phil., J.D.
    The four JFK terrorists include two nationals of Guyana, one of Trinidad, and one former Guyanan who was granted U.S. citizenship. The Fort Dix Islamic terrorists who were arrested in May included five foreign nationals from Yugoslavia and Jordan. A sixth, from Turkey, eventually obtained U.S. citizenship. Of the five aliens, three were illegal aliens who snuck across the southern border years ago near Brownsville, Texas.
    It is a certainty that many more illegal alien terrorists are quietly at work in the United States. In fiscal year 2005, the Border Patrol apprehended 3,722 aliens from nations that are designated state sponsors of terrorism or places in which al-Qaeda has operated, and for every one alien whom the Border Patrol apprehended, there were likely three aliens who were not caught. If so, it is probable that more than 10,000 aliens from high-risk, terrorist-associated countries illegally entered the United States in fiscal year 2005 alone. Assuming conservatively that only one in 100 was an actual terrorist, that is still over 100 terrorists who snuck across the border in a single year.

Here is the YouTube Video decribing Los Zetas,Ex-Mexican Army Special Forces soliders who have gone Rouge and are working with Drug Cartel Mexican as Leaders and Hit Men.

If Mexican Presidente Calderon is taking action shouldn't we! Apparently his Ratings are up because of his attempts to control this slaughter from this Civil War in his country!

  • Yet Mr. Calderón's popularity has also doubled, with two-thirds of Mexicans now approving of his presidency. It is not necessarily because they believe he is solving the problem of insecurity, however. For most Mexicans, analysts say, taking bold action – even if initially unsuccessful – is better than none at all. "The worst feeling someone can have, when you see a problem, is no one doing anything. At least Calderón is doing something," says Jorge Chabat, a drug expert in Mexico City.

What do you think? Maybe this will get the GOP off the hook with this phony Wall equals Bigotry & Strawman theme the AlGore-zerra Agenda Network and dead CO2 absorber published clones are pushing. It could give the firepower needed to build the Wall. Protect Americans from the Mexican Civil War with the Drug Cartels and protect Mexicans seeking economic asylum from the Merciless "Coyotes"! Please send this inof on to the GOP Senators. It may not help but it is a Powerful argument and all mericans need to know this as it is getting little if any press.


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