Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sennator Jon D's Kerry New Rithmatic 1+1=?#

Did you see John D's Kerry with Senator McCain on Effete Depressed? No wonder he got D's at Yale! He believes that 1+1=3: diplomacy + troop withdrawal=Victory in Iraq. Senator McCain tried to tutor him on the 3 R's: Readin,Rightin & Rithmatic by pointing out how the Surge is working but to no Avail. The Liberals are Dyslexic and Kerry is the ultimate dyslexic he is Autistic! Their use of the Vietnam Playbook even when Americans realize we are winning indicates that Democrat Liberals are Un-American and nothing more than LACKEYS of Globalists everywhere who are invincibly ignorant to the fact that if Caliphistic Isalmicists prevail they will be the first ones eliminated.

Definitely Arnold J. Toynbee's assessment "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder"....applies to Liberals and Globalists. I think he knew of what he spoke:
From Answers
  • This English historian and philosopher of history Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1972) described himself as a "metahistorian" whose "intelligible field of study" was civilization.
  • Toynbee central thesis of work was that the well-being of a civilization depends on its ability to respond successfully to challenges, human and environmental. According to him of the 26 civilizations studied, only one—Western Latin Christendom—is currently alive, and perhaps even this in decline.
The Emperors have no cloths and if the Caliphists of Islam succeed they'll lose their Heads to complete their deficient ensemble!
Dominus Vobiscum


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