Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama and Wright doing the Rope a Dope?

Maybe we got some Nation of Islam Mohammed Ali "Rope a Dope" staged dive by OBAMA.  Remember Ali was Nation of Islam while Barack & Wright are Louis Farrakhan million man marchers.  Perhaps Obama has made the calculation that he will win the nomination and wants to have the opportunity to throw his Spiritual Mama from the Train before McCain beats him like a bongo drum in the General over the Reverend Wright issue.  Obama, said he could not distance himself from Wright as he was like his crazy old uncle.  Wright swift boats him and now Obama has a good excuse to launch Obama off the Train. You see now everybody in the Liberal Media thinks Wright is a KOOK and a Megalomaniac right?  But Wright is not a Kook, he is poised and articulate all the while in his bones he believes all these rants.  However right now all of the Obama MSM pararmours are screaming for Obama to dump him and given Wright's tone he is justified in doing so and in the process Obama distances himself from this Black Liberation Theology stuff before McCain pounds him with in the General.

Maybe this is a calculation albeit a risky one that they are using to take away McCain's greatest weapon in the General and help him get to the Oval Office.  Mohammed Ali's Rope a Dope against George Foreman in Zaire was risky too but Ali got his title back.  Maybe this is sly Obama's tactic to get the Oval Office....I'll call it Obama's Pope a Dope to the title of President of the USA....

Just trying to think outside the box and take a contrarian's position?....

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