Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama-nation USA...Please do not let this be so, Lord!

Birds of a feather......

I knew Obama was bad news the first time I hear "chip on her shoulder" Michelle Robinson Obama speak.  Like I've said before the first date for the Obamas was to Spike Lee's Do the Right THING!   Rev. Wright GD America!  Now Hugh Hewitt confirms it with the audio of Domestic Bombing Terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn!  These people HATE America and Obama hangs out with them.

 Contrast that with "The Sermon on the Mount'  meek, humble Pope Benedict XVI lovingly pleading with America to take care of the most defenseless in the Ark of Life..... the Mother's Womb.  Pope Benedict using his gentle and warm voice teaches us that True Freedom means not free license to do as we want but to do what we must.  Indeed the Pope's visit was a reincarnation of the Sermon on the Mount by the Vicar of Christ in its tone, example, and Ten's of thousands Americans followed him to hear his words just like the people did during Jesus' time on Earth.  The only thing missing was the multiplication of the fish and loaves.  However the Pope's Christian message was multiplied by the marvels of technology in the minds and through the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who listened on the Internet, TV and Radio. 

Woe that the Holy Spirit would shed his Grace on us and help us live this loving message and not let Obama become the President of our Nation.  God Bless America is the prayer of the Pope while Obama's Pope dams her and us!  Obama is not good for America as he huddles with America Haters!!!!
Dominus Vobiscum, Doc

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