Thursday, September 02, 2010

Liberals going Jihad

Hi JC:  As far as I can see it ain't Mormons, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian or Roman Catholic Zealots trying to Kill Americans.  If is isn't a Jihadist Islamic Zealot then it is a Lefty Liberal who chooses Martyrdom! 

Crazy Irony that MSM (Malignantly Sinister Media) won't go after these nuts but all Christians are like non-Christian Timothy McVeigh & Eric Rudolph may have started out a Christians in Childhood but they ended up being NON-Believers:

From Stones Cry out:

Eric Rudolph is certainly a terrorist. But did he inflict terror in the name of Jesus? Quoting from letters to his mother, this CNN story(which is now a dead link but see USA Today) suggests that it is more likely that he is an atheist:

  • In another he refers to people who send him money and books.
    "Most of them have, of course, an agenda; mostly born-again Christians looking to save my soul. I suppose the assumption is made that because I'm in here I must be a 'sinner' in need of salvation, and they would be glad to sell me a ticket to heaven, hawking this salvation like peanuts at a ballgame," he wrote.
    "I do appreciate their charity, but I could really do without the condescension. They have been so nice I would hate to break it to them that I really prefer Nietzsche to the Bible."
Doesn't the media-pushed conventional wisdom of Eric Rudolph suggest that he is a "Christian" and that his "faith" inspired his heinous acts?
Why am I not surprised that this aspect of the Rudolph story hasn't been covered by the "objective" MSM?
Well JC like Rick one of the blogger "Stones Cry Out" neither am I surprised as the MSM (Malignantly Sinister Media) is a Malevolently Schizophrenic Medium!
Cheers ad AMGD Francis


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