Thursday, June 23, 2005

The George Washington of the Islamofascist Campaign (World War IV)

Tonight I was fortunate enough to see Cspan and watched our American Military Leaders and our Secretary of Defense get grilled by the Democrats. They were all so very impressive and wanted to make the observation that Ed Kennedy and his father Joe Sr. are to the Democratic Party what Phytophthora Infestans or the potato fungus was to the Potato Crop Famine of Ireland in 1847. These 2 Irish descendants and Democratic Icons and their poor judgment and isolationist ideologies have destroyed the great Democratic Party of FDR. Like the Potato Fungus Kennedy has infected his Party and spawned new progeny like Kerry, Durbin, Boxer, Schumer, Pelosi , Dean, Byrd and others. Yes the Great Potato Famine of Ireland has mutated and become the "Democratic Wing" of the Democratic Party and like a blight could cause America to lose World War IV against the Islamofascists and Osama, who is the Hitler of our time disguised in a Turban. Ed Kennedy is a political Typhoid Mary and personifies the defeatist self loathing attitude that caused this great country to lose the war in Vietnam. We cannot let this man of Irish extraction be the blight that causes our country to travel on the same suicidal trajectory that Europe is on. I agree with Oriana Fallaci, the stalwart Italian patriot, who believes what the historian Arnold Toynbee said "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder" and that "Europe is no longer Europe but is now Eurabia"!

I would like to paraphrase Oriana Fallaci who says that ours is "an age without leaders. We stopped having leaders at the end of the 20th century." Of George Bush, she will concede only that he has "vigor," and that he is "obstinate" (in her book a compliment) and "gutsy. . . . Nobody obliged him to do anything about Terri Schiavo, or to take a stand on stem cells. But he did."
In response to her statement I want to disagree with her and say that after following our this Decretary of Defense and seeing Donald Rumsfeld defend this war against the Irish American Political Blight Ed Kennedy and his fellow fungicidal senators , I believe he should be the next Republican Presidential Nominee. He is bold, articulate, engaging, intelligent, witty and unflappable. He has the "Right Stuff" and has excelled in every endeavor he has undertaken from being a Naval Fighter Pilot, to a Private Sector CEO to a Presidential Cabinet Member in three administrations. Plain and simple Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is made of that rare combination of fundamental elements found in a leader of men and exudes that 1 in a 100 million commanding quality found in a George Washington with the vision of an enlightened Abraham Lincoln who "preserved the Union". I nominate Rumy for President in 2008! Donald Rumsfeld embodies the prototypical can do spirit that made America the greatest nation on this beautiful Blue Planet.....


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