Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Devil and Steven York

There's the legend of three young fallen angels that once they were expelled from the realm of God they were hovering over the Universe. Wanting to gain favor with their leader Satan they were brainstorming a strategy for the entrapment and fall of man. They're contemplating the question:

  • "How can we trick man into falling from grace thus, increasing the size of our drag net of Souls.
  • Yes , yes if we can increase our catch, populate the Abyss we'll certainly move up in rank!
  • One says its simple lets just lie and tell them that God does not exist!
  • The second says no no that won't work all of Man in their heart of hearts believes and knows that God exist! Lets tell Man that yes God exists but Man is too wicked for God and he is not interested in him!
  • The third is listening to this conversation and chimes in very good fellow demons but your thinking is just off by a little. Man knows God is Merciful after Jesus, the second person of the Holy Trinity, toiled on Earth and achieved the gift of Salvation by his Sacrifice on the Cross!
  • Lets tell Man that yes there is a God and yes he is loving and merciful but don't worry you've got plenty of Time so have fun and you can always patch things up later!"

Remember the Parable of the foolish Bridesmaids who didn't pack a spare flasks of oil, running out theey missing the cutoff time for the Groom's invitation into the Wedding? The moral of the story is simple keep your eyes open for we do not know the day or the hour when out ticket gets punched! (Mathew 24:42,44).

I can't help but think of Steven York, the University California San Diego pornographic film student, actor, producer, director and star of his own skin flick whose comment to Hugh Hewitt about belief follows:

  • HH: Are you a religious guy at all?
  • SY: I'm really not sure about my religion. I'm relatively agnostic, but I believe in...there's some higher power out there, I just haven't found it yet.
  • HH: Okay. Did you grow up going to Church at all? Anything like that?
  • SY: No. My mom was a Catholic, as was my father. But...
  • HH: You didn't go.
  • SY: Well, they offered me the option. They said you know, we really want you to find religion on your own. We don't want to force anything on you. In time, when you find it, we're going to be supportive of it.

Another institution maybe not quite as powerful as the California University system but perhaps as influential has a a Steven York like mascot... XM Satellite Radio and its new vulgar scut peddling D.J .Howard Stern. I submit to this Legend of the Demons that a fourth newbie fallen angel has joined the legendary demonic brainstorming session and tweaked the Plan a bit adding a new wrinkle to the Devil's milieu.

  • "Lets convince the University Elites that Pornography is Art and is a valuable part of the "Educational Experience" for these young and impressionable mind.
  • To stifle this form of expression would be an infringement of the students" First Amendment rights!"

All this reminds me of the great old movie I saw as a kid in my basement in the wee hours of the morning with John Qualen and the late great actor Walter Houston entitled The Devil and Daniel Webster . Remember World we don't know the time or the hour so keep your Gun powder dry, cash in your chips of sin and accept the Lord's priceless gift and get the prize of Heaven!


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