Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Do-nothing-Rats and their Sycophants

Litany of the Ignobilities of the Democrats, Rinos and the Fourth Estate(Press):

Jay Rockerfeller "I took a trip by myself in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind to go to war against Iraq — that that was a predetermined set course which had taken shape shortly after 9/11."
Warner Amendment is a body blow to President Bush's successful Global War on Terror while he is out of the country building bridges. It demands periodic reviews of information that is already being given by Rumsfeld's Defense Department and Pentagon. Playss into the Lefts hand and lays a foundation for the Vietnamization of the Iraqi War and teh broader GWOT.
Senator Reid's Call for a closed session of the Senate to demand information that President Bush cherry picked the Intelligence to justify the War in Iraqi. Goal take down Bush!
CIA's Rogue war on the Bush Administration by sending Wilson to undercut the President in Niger.
CIA's leak to the NYT on the Interrogation techniques.
Dana Priest's Washington Post leak of the CIA/Pentagon's Classified detention and interogation centers throughout the world.
NYT blows the cover on the secret charter air service used to move Agents and Detainee's around the world for sensitive interrogation. Do they even care about the consequences of making such information pubic? It appears the editors of the New York Times feel that breaking a titillating story about sensitive CIA operations is much more important than national security and the lives of those fighting in the war. All to our detriment.
NYT: Why publish the names of the contractors? Why publish a photograph of one of the planes complete with aviation ID markings? Why publish the home airport for the ‘flagship’ 737-based Boeing Business Jet(s)? Why attack the CIA’s use of these aircraft and the contractors that operate them?
John D's Kerry claiming the "President lied" and pulling a page from his Vietnam undermining the War playbook!
Walter Duranty of the 1930's NYT has many disciples! Apologist for Stalin the madman!
This just Scratches the Surface of these Pulitzer Prized Patrons of America. These people are naive quislings at best and the Fourth Estate(The Press) of the US Government is true to the founder of Yellow Journalism Joseph Pulitzer.
Tragically for our GREAT Country these continues ad infinitum. Responsorial to this Litany of disloyalty: " Lord,Save the Union!"

Francis X. Yubero, M.D.


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