Thursday, December 15, 2005

George W. of Mesopotamia

I've been listening to all the Democrats, Harry Reid, Russ Fiengold, Follicularly challenged Biden and Gephardt's former campaign manager(name not worth remembering) on Fox News this am. Their negativity is amazing in light of this paradigm shift in the Middle East in the midst of a Historical milestone! The best way to describe them is to recall the story of the Emperor and the Child...."The Emperor has no Cloths"!
For the Middle East, this day will hold the place of honor that the signing of the Magna Carta holds for the Western World.
Recently Hugh Hewitt asked his friend and former assistant Secretary of Defense Jed Babbin after his trip to Iraq if the Iraqi people had an equivalent of George Washington. He said no, well I think that history will give this accolade to President George W. Bush. Our President will be honored as the Father of Democracy in the Middle East. I believe Statues in the Middle East will be cast of our great President holding up a Purple Index Finger and historians will come to call him "George of Mesopotamia". George W. fulfilled the dream of a another man of history with a vision, Lawrence of Arabia, who failed but did perceive the potential of the great Arab peoples....

This day will not go down in Infamy but will go down in Glory!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a retired para-medic my first thought when looking at a accident victim was to give aid without doing harm. War always does harm, even noble ones like the Revolutionary War or WWII. The war in Iraq was one we entered into when we had numerous less radical options. The precedent of using war as the first option is dangerous. The doctrine of preemtive war has just been put forward by Chirac of France. It is no wander Iran wants nukes.
You are a M.D. saving life is your trade. What I read in your blog is all about attitude and glory. As a skier I find my best days are when I work with the mountain instead challenge it to battle to the death.

9:03 AM, January 20, 2006  

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