Monday, December 05, 2005

Repeat Crosley and Jed's Mustang vs PETA

As the Only Repeat Crosley Winner of the Hugh Hewitt Show & RadioBlogger
As a one time Blog of the Week and Photoshop-esquing Blog Special Election Winner I have a Politically Correct solution to the Jed Babbin-Mobile Mutang DMV Stalemate!


Tell Jed not to waste his new Car which is destined for the "Rust Heap of Nascar History"! Powder Tracks will gladly trade him my 2 fantastic New elegant Crosleys, "with their rich enveloping sound" for his now booted Mustang Lawn Ornament! I worry that James Lileks of the Bleat will end up trading Jed a couple Gnomes for the Babbin-Mobile.
That is a fate worse than a junk yard.
I live in Utah and I can offer an exciting non-registration life for this jail bate set of wheels. The Bonneville Salt Flats would be an invigorating place for a Mustang currently on lawn arrest!

If that isn't good enough consider the Badlands of Moab where this mechanical equine can stretch his loins, kick his heels and run like the wind.

This would be a great life for a roadster like Jeds. Hanging out with Lileks Gnomes, would be a fate worse than "A Tangled Heap of metal at a NASCAR pileup."
Sir Jed, your Wild and Free Mustang deserves better than the life of a Gnome....
You need Radios especially since Hugh Hewitt and Generalissimo say you'll be getting your own Show soon and will therfore be too busy to feed sugar cubes and apples or STP Gas Treatment to that Mechanical Thoroughbred of yours....Jed Lets make a deal and keep PETA Happy!
Powder Tracks and Fever


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