Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Democratic Simians and Rino Kinfolk

The Russians had a Revolution lead by the Bolsheviks and the Democrats have No Solution lead by a bowl-of-hicks.....

  • Senator Hairy Reid is off in the deep end, could Kennedy the "Admiral of Chappaquiddick" throw him a life jacket before he strokes out.
  • Chuck Schumer needs to have a make over so badly and the more excited he is over Rove the darker his Nixonian 5 o'clock shadow gets.
  • And "I Second the motion" Dick Turbin just is not ready for prime time he sounds like Barney Fife of Mayberry RFD and in his excitement his eyes look like they're on a launching pad at Cape Canaveral.

These Three Democratic Simians are the antithesis of the Three Japanese Wise Monkeys that See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil! In fact they are consumed by the Evil they believe exudes from the Bush Administration and all they See, Hear and Speak of is indeed that very same Evil they allege! (Note: Kennedy is the Banana Distributor therefore he is not seen in the portrait). Warner, Allen, Frist and others Rinos are jumping ship. Are the Senate and Congress like the Island of Dr. Moreau where the MSM is like the good Doctor who induces Xenotic Transformation or are they just overboard for the moment? Has the Artic National Wildlife Refuge caused the consertive Congressmen to suffer from hyperthernia induced Psychosis? Well if so, I suggest we transport them to ANWR for save keeping...

All of the No Solutionaries have their allies at the Tribunes of the World. Tell me, is Tribune Greek or Swahili for "Brainwashed Group Think Propaganda"? Its seems like these Tribune pundits are the equivalent of Stepford Spouses who all look, write, sound and think the same. No original ideas and sort of a chorus of Bush et al are Liars! I mean talk about a broken record mentality! They all spew the same story about the War Iraq and this Intelligence manipulation conspiracy theory stuff. I'm overdosed on this rhetoric and feel like I'm stuck in some Purgatorial Limbo like Convention with all the World's Elvis impersonators.

Tony Blankley so succinctly on Matthews' Screwball Show and Dennis Prager said that the National Intelligence Estimate leading up to the War was the final distillation of what all the Spooks around the world believed! Bush was proactive and moved on it. The No Solutionaries of the Democratic party and their marketing agents at the Tribunes say the NIE was wrong, hind sight is 20/20. Then again I'm not convinced that this Intelligence estimate was off the Mark. British intelligence hasn't backed off the alleged inaccuracies of the Niger incident leveled by the No Solutionaries. Check out Christofer Hitchens , Norman Podhoretz and Hugh Hewitt

Furthermore, how is it that Jo Wilson and his band of cohorts, all Clintonistas, pass themselves off as the defacto intelligence arbiters, qualified to do an analysis of the Yellow Cake Niger Weapons of Mass Destruction threat? He's not an expert of anything except for self promotion, hucksterism and cell phone gymnastics(as he is always seen finger his cell's key pad)!

If Joe's wife is really a spook why is it that she is so spooked by Karl Rove when everybody on the DC cocktail circuit knew she was a CIA agent per Joe's own doing! The Tribunies and the No Solutionaries are so exercised by the Valerie Plame affair. Well one thing is for certain, Mrs. Joe Wilson is no Emma Peal ("
The Avengers" ).

Well I would like to suggest that Joe Wilson be Banned from ever being an independent contractor for the CIA again. No more freelance/part-time Kelly Service work for Ban-Joe, who as a Federal Government Employee outed a CIA agent, his wife. Ban-Joe should be indicted for his crime committed while working for the Federal Government. He in effect took a bribe for the info after being paid for his Book and Vanity Fair Magazine cover and article. Ban-Joe's conduct is more than just "mean politics" it a particular species known in legalese as "Spousal Abuse. Could this be grounds for divorce? Valerie "Plame" your husband and not Karl Rove or the Vice President!

Now I'm more exercised over the "Tribunies" illegal outing of the CIA's covert charter jet service by the less than patriotic New York Times. Dana Priest's article is an open letter to Al Qaeda in the Washington Post and informs them of the CIA Covert Detention centers!

Were is the Outrage by the "Tribunies"? There is none because they don't care! Its all about Mud Slinging... Webster's definitions of Tribune are:

  • An officer of ancient Rome elected by the plebeians to protect their rights from arbitrary acts of the patrician magistrates.
  • A protector or champion of the people.

Glad the Blogosphere, Talk Radio and Cable are in existence to reveal the Tribunes of the World for what they really are? The Tribunes should be stripped of their name for they are not the People's Champion but RATHER are the Champions of Al Qaeda and of the No Solutionaries Bowl-of-Hicks in the Democratic Party!

Francis X. Yubero, M.D.


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