Thursday, January 05, 2006

Husband of a USC Trojan and native Ohioan Sympathezier

Here's a poll Angie, my Wife aka "The Schussing Mrs Powder Tracks" and my brother Gerard, movie producer brother ( Outlaw Justice ) want me to post on my Powder Tracks Blog regarding Hugh Hewitt and his bias against the Trojans.

"Which Deranged Obsessive Movie Character is Hugh Hewitt most like when extemporaneously discussing College Football and the USC Trojans"
10. Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day: Just like the same day plays over and over you go on and on about the alleged "2 note USC Fight Song"
9. Robert DeNiro's character in the Fan
8. Rober DeNiro's character, Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.
7. Jack Nickson's character in the Shinning
6. Johnny Lee Miller's (Angelina Jolie's first Husband) character in Trainspotting who only talks about James Bond Movies.
5 . Something about Mary and Chris Elliott's ....Character Like Dom Woganowski who breaks out in hives over Mary you break out in Hives over USC...

4. Lady Macbeth's character in Shakespeare's Macbeth "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!" and the spot for HH is the USC Trojans.
3. Mel Gibson's paranoid and quirky character Jerry Fletcher is a man who sees conspiracies everywhere and doing it long enough, sooner or later he gets one right in Conspiracy Theory. Well like Jerry, you finally get a football prediction right!
2. Glen Close in Fatal Attraction whose character doesn't want to be ignored well you don't want USC to be number one..
1. Kathy Bates's character in Misery. USC Coach Pete Caroll's hope's he never ends up at Big Bear Cabin with you in the event that your disdain for the Trojans doesn't cause you to channel the spirit of the Kathy Bates' character who tortures James Caan.

The Winner

Norman Bate's character in Psycho only instead of Wig you wear a Trojan Football Helmet and stab Reggie Bush in the locker room shower.

Hugh for the sake of your top rated show in SoCal please be gracious for having correctly predicted who would win the National Championship and Give the USC people a rest already you are in USC Country not in the Ohio Valley! Thanks for reading


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