Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jimmy Carter and wiretapping

I just got this email from my FAVORITE XPrez! The Shaman of current Living Presidents, Jimmy Carter is outraged by the lawsuit against Craig's List. He has called for Christians to march on the ACLU and pelt its Lawyers with Peanuts and their Shells. Per the Commander in Chief of the Desert One debacle, this is for all Christians an outrage and defilement of Christendom. The "Ramsey Clarke" of Presidents has sent out a Cartoon of boiled Peanuts with a fuse calling us to arms! He warns Christians that we are suffering from denominational "Malaise" if we do not butter the ACLU with peanuts! We are not to wire tap the ACLU but can use tin cans and string to listen to them as they plan this affront to Craig's list...


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