Sunday, February 05, 2006

Charge of Corruption rings both ways but Liberals scream louder!

I saw Representative John A. Boehner on Meet the Press and on Chris Wallace's program this morning. I think Arizona Congressman John Shaddegg would have been a better choice. Boehner is not going to help the "Culture of Corruption" charge by the Dems. Russert went after him like the liberal vampire prosecutor that he is and make him look tainted. At some point conservatives need to increase the volume on the "Culture of Corruption" existent in the Democratic party with Louisiana's Representative William Jefferson and others including his brother-in-law Judge Allen Green, who has been convicted on corruption charges in 2005. This conviction stems from "Operation Wrinkled Robe" and includes another Judge, Ronald Bodenheimer, who pled guilty to corruption and drug charges in 2003. Furthermore Abramoff's funds found there way into Democratic campaigns' too as mentioned outlinesGOP website and all because small Indian Tribes are becoming billionaires per NRO's R. Lowry.


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