Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Press' borderline Malfeasance

I understand that The European Cartoons which have caused such an uproar among Muslims are extremely offensive, however it is important to consider that although Muslims' righteous indignation is justified their violent retaliation isn't. In fact it is simply barbaric and Medieval. Catholics and other Christians do not respond in this uncivilized manner with the sacrilegious assaults on Christianity (Piss Christ and Chris Ofili's elephant dung's Holy Virgin Mary). The retaliation for the attempted assassination of John Paul II by Mehmet Ali Agca, a Muslim, was forgiveness and love by the Pope and prayer and restraint by Catholics. A Roman Catholic Priest was just assassinated by a disgruntled Muslim outside his parish church in Turkey. A Maronite Parish or one of the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches (size and geography) was vandalized and stoned today in Beirut and Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus burned down. I don't know why the Muslim World reacts in such a Neanderthaloid fashion but EVERYONE knows they do so why fuel this fire? The perfect example of this was the reaction to M. Isakov's Newsweek "Koran Desecration" Story. The "intelligent and informed members of the press" should plug this OMNIPRESENT CONSTANT into the equation when publishing cartoons about Islam and to claim that it is a freedom of the press issue is not only unjustified rationalization but stupid and irresponsible. The Press' negligent conduct is beyond outrageous and borders on malfeasance. This is especially poignant in light of Isakov's bloodstained Koran article and the recent French Muslim Civil War(although not a religious issue but rather alleged Muslim racism). The press should not inflame the 7th century mentality of Muslim Religious Sentiment which is in the midst an Islamic Radical Fundamentalist Renaissance. We Christians need to be vigilant in prayer asking Our Lord to touch these Jihadist changing their hearts and those of the Press so that they will not publish the blasphemous and sacreligious offenses against God/Allah.


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