Thursday, February 09, 2006

Intifada Cartoons and Astute Response to the Ummah from the West...

The President just moved the GWOT agenda to the opponents 45(Liberals) yard line on the grid iron with his speech today. By telling us about the success in disrupting the
Library Tower Plot, ther NSA's wiretaps liberal opponents' 2 month campaign to derail counter-terror activities just took a huge hit! This President is smarter than your Average President(e.g. Carter & Clinton) and he has thrown a monkey wrench into the Liberals' campaign aimed at impeaching him, leaving our NSA blind, deaf & dumb and turning this GWOT into a failed Vietnam Quagmire....

What should be the response to the
Ummah (The Muslim community or the global community of all Muslim believers)? This Ummah or international personhood of Islam considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan needs an astute response from the West. I think the Benador Associates is a resource of good Moderate Muslim wellspring to tap into. My strategy to counter the Islamic Extremists is to encourage conservative New Media's Salem Network Talk Show Hosts like Hewitt, Medved, Prager, Ingraham, Savage and others like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Crowley and Just A Woman's newcomer Lores Rizkalla to interview the Benador Associates. These people would be the West's best response to the madness instigated by the "Arab, Clerical, Caliphatistic, Imamistic or Mullahistic Street".

Years ago I read about an Iraqi
Kanan Makiya, a Benador Associate and a MIT trained architect turned professor/writer at Brandeis University. I was so impressed by him after seeing him on Cspan. I think at the present he is leading the Restoration of the Marsh Lands in Iraq.
Makiya is an associate of
Mansoor Ijaz, the Fox News contributor. This group offers a stable of other great Muslim spokepersons who could counter the Al Jezerra rabblerousers and Jihad instigators.

Salem Network Professors of Democracy could start this information Psyche's ops/outreach program which per F. Gaffney was killed by some underling in the defense department.
HH Show could be the leader starting this important Anti-Jihad dialog with responsible Muslims on the his airwaves.
Today's Institutions of Higher Learning or Graduate Schools of Politics which are made up of New Medias Radio Talk Shows, the Blogosphere and Cable News should give and cyber and air time to these Moderate Islamic Voices. Just like the hype about the distasteful and dispresctful cartoon migrated to the Islamic World Hopefully these moderate words will too.
No Religous Groups like it when their religion is treated disrepectfully (i.e. Piss Christ, Elephant Dung tainted Virgin Mary, Pope John Paul II's nose fitted with a condom, rapper Kanye West depicted as Jesus Christ, etc.)
Radio Free Europe worked well during the Cold War and why not reactivate this Wheel in Today's New Media/Radio World/Blogosphere?
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