Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brian Ross's and his Games

Brian Ross, is really out there! He's "Journalist who reported Haster was under investigation and is also the GM Dateline reporter of the GM Scam story for which NBC was sued and lost. There is more ground breaking fiction work, he claims he was wire tapped on democracy Now!

  • AMY GOODMAN: We now are joined by ABC News investigative reporter who broke the story, someone who may well be a target of this new phase of government monitoring, himself. Brian Ross is the investigative reporter for ABC News. He joins us on the line from here in New York. Welcome to Democracy Now!
  • BRIAN ROSS: Well, to start with, we were warned -- Rich Esposito and I were warned last week that the government was aware of who we were calling and that we should quickly get new cell phones that didn't come back to our names. An insider told us, a friendly insider who did not necessarily think this is a good idea. It was clear to us that somehow the government knew our records. We were told our phone calls weren't being recorded, but just who we were calling. Now, in terms of trying to track down insiders at the government who are providing us with information, that's really about all they need. That's how they essentially tracked down Mary McCarthy at the C.I.A. and got her in a polygraph and fired her based on who she was making contact with. This, for us, is quite chilling. The F.B.I. then, Amy, last night put out a statement essentially acknowledging that they are tracking phone calls of reporters. The person I talked to said, Well, it may be more like backtracking. But under this administration, what used to be hard to do, in going after reporters and their phone records, is now easy.

How can we trust this Fiction Writer?


  • On 18 February 1993 Dateline NBC aired an investigative report about General Motors pickup trucks allegedly exploding upon impact during accidents, because fuel tanks were badly designed. Although there were fuel tanks design problems with GM cars before, Dateline's film showed a sample of a staged low speed accident with the fuel tank exploding. Dateline NBC did not disclose the fact that this accident was staged, or the fact that the only reason there was an explosion was that the vehicle contained planted explosives. The viewers were never told about it. It appeared to be a major discovery of investigative reporters. GM investigators discovered a mistake by a study of the Dateline film. GM subsequently filed an anti-defamation lawsuit against NBC.The lawsuit in question was quickly settled by NBC and as a result Brain Ross and a few persons responsible for the incident were fired from NBC, and Ross found employment with ABC News, where he continues to work to this day.

Published: August 19, 1993
  • Mr. McDaniel said he had surreptitously recorded a phone conversation with Mr. Ross and had him followed by a clinic employee during a subsequent visit to Greensboro. "This whole thing has been as unappetizing as it can be," Mr. McDaniel said. "But the only way to catch a rat is to be one."

  • Neal Shapiro, who became the executive producer of "Dateline" this spring, said that the clinic had conducted a campaign in the press to try to negate the effects of the report and that it had done so because "Dateline" is "still incredibly vulnerable" to such attacks because of the G.M. incident.
This guy, Brain Ros is a MSM Superstar and you I wonder could he could be the Speech Writer for Acme-nija-job the Presidente of Persia?


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