Tuesday, October 31, 2006

2.0 freshman John Kerry and Mark Halperin vs Hugh Hewitt

Listening to Hugh Hewitt I am struck by how Stupid the Liberal elites think conservatives are.  I must remind Americans that the Liberal Left claimed President Reagan was stupid and then we take into account the hand written speeches and the hand written corrections to his Speech Writers and we see otherwise.  The "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall" was Reagan's own against the collective consensus of advisers.  The other day Mark Steyn has told us about the books President Bush reads that 99.9%, including myself do not know about(btw who was that author Anthony Marks who wrote the Earl of Something I'd like to read it?) 
Here we have an article about his the two Presidential Grades from the Boston Globe.  Here is article about Naval Officer Qualification Tests and Pilot Aptitude tests and SATS.  Turns out Bush is Smarter here too!
 If if you grade Kerry on a Curve over this gaff he fails!  If he was making fun of President Dubya, he used the Military as the unwitting "fall guy" (backdrop for his comparison) and has employed the humor technique known as "switching" see:
  • Humor - Tips for Using It in Talks and Speeches
This by definition it is a slam of the Military.  Kerry's unfunny double ententra belittles the Military.  Furthermore, most funny people I know are very intelligent like Robin Williams, Jack Benny, Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, Jackie Gleason, Billy Crystal, Hugh Hewitt and Rush Limbaugh. 
Remember Time thinks we Christian voters are stupid(as you indicated here)
Mark Halperin gets offended by Hugh Hewitt because he dares to consider out loud if he is a liberal yet he tries to perform Psychoanalysis of Hewitt's childhood on air.  Not only has he really overstepped (for which Hugh Hewitt should be insulted and demand an apology because his childhood is personal and any alleged trauma is none of Halperin's business and it it not very PC to ask or insinuate) but he has also violated Medicare and Health HIPAA(HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT) rules!

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