Friday, October 27, 2006

His Highness the not so Very Reverend Andy O'Sullen-van

Au Contraire to the Pro-Sullivan Crowd. Andrew Sullen was an arrogant petulant and angry interviewee who obfuscated and tried to steer the conversation into a brawl and to steer it to issues that are only the silly complaints to those on the the left. To compare President Bush and Gitmo to the terrorist is just lame.
Mr. Sullen is a homosexual that advocated unsafe sex on the internet. See this article entitled "Sullivan's Travails" by Eric Alterman from the Left Wing "The Nation" Magazine. It was written about Andy S. in 2002 when he left his position as Editor of the Nation's Competitor the The Republic. He was reckless with his personal life as he indicated in Mr Hewitt's interview and referred to this period in his life while speaking to Hugh Hewitt.

  • See the Nation:
    • "Sullivan is best known as a kind of all-purpose controversy magnet. He posed for a Gap ad; he posted a lurid online advertisement for unprotected sex; and he briefly accepted $7,500 in paid website advertising from a pharmaceutical industry trade association whose products he regularly praises, before returning it. During his stormy editorship of The New Republic, he opened its pages to the lunatic ravings of Camille Paglia, the racist pseudoscience of Charles Murray and the libelous fantasies of Stephen Glass. Sullivan has, moreover, been the target of much gay ire over the conservative content of his writings in The New York Times Magazine, where its editors inexplicably allowed him--slyly but effectively--to out a whole host of allegedly gay Democratic politicians, including Clinton Cabinet members, along with liberal talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell.....And while his site arouses a certain gruesome car-wreck fascination, it serves primarily as a reminder to writers of why we need editors. sets a standard for narcissistic egocentricity that makes Henry Kissinger look like St. Francis of Assisi."
Furthermore he thinks the Catholic Church should conform to his incontinent ways. News flash Andy: The Church is the Mystical Bride of Christ and not your BOYFRIEND!... What about GOD's Laws and GOD'S RIGHTS? God leads and we follow not the other way around.
The US Constitution interpretation vis a vis the Supreme Court should conform to his interpretation too!

He insulted Mr. Hewitt left and right and attacked him ad hominen.
Mr Hewitt was polite and would not take the bait to allow the interview to degenerate into a cat fight. Mr. Hewitt was dignified and had great Court Side Etiquette while Andy S. was argumentative and a Hostile Witness from the Secular Left.

Andy Sullen is a pompous, angry, intolerant Secularist who wants the World and the Church to conform to his NARROW and Personal Views. King Andy is the Monarchical DICTATOR not President Bush.
Mr. Hewitt was terrific and Andy was a bore and the equivalent of a Conversation Jihadi!

In Andy's mind he is part Part Pope part King part Supreme Court Justice part Eduard R. Murrow but in reality he all Keith Oberman with a British Accent!

Great Job Mr. Hewitt you displayed a GREAT and Dignified FORM while interviewing this Hostile Witness of the Secular LEFT who tries to paint himself as an authentic Conservative and loyal Roman Catholic! LOL. Offer it up Andy Sullen-van

P.S."Andrew Michael Sullivan (born August 10, 1963) is a"British-American" (actually, not officially an American citizen according to a recent interview with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN)."
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