Monday, November 13, 2006

Question to members of the GOP running for leadship positions in the party of Ronald Reagan!

What do you think about an alternative to the UN?  The UN is anti-American & anti-Democracy.  The Liberals like John Kerry & its PR Wing the MSM would like to weaken the US Military by pulling a Cronkite again and poving that "War is not the Answer" because they've succeed in making Iraq like Vietnam a failure(Thanks to Cronkite's lie about the TET offensive).  This Strategic Play from the 1960's Liberal Playbook will weakend the Military and additionally Liberals will only want the US Military to act on behalf of UN Sactioned Activites. 
Why not create a World Associations of Freely Elected Democracies with Nations like the United States, Australia, India and other Countries who can act as a counterbalance to the Corrupt United Nations run by Citizens of Failed Nation States!....  
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