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Senator Elect Sherrod Brown and Mansfield Ohio Politics

I could not figure out why a Sherrod Brown who went to Mansfield Malabar with my older brother in the 1970's and friend of my family in the early years, with so much talent and potential could turn out to be so wrong!  Turns out his father who was a Republican and good friends with Dr. Yubero Sr., my Dad, influence took a back row to his mother's.  According to this article it was his mother's influence, who was a bit of political activist.  The Brown family of Mansfield Ohio, the home of my youth were true standouts! Furthermore I agree with Laura Ingraham who was a guest on Hugh Hewitt show.  She is right, DeWine just did not have the X-factor that Senator Elect Sherrod Brown has and Hugh Hewitt is right about DeWine's gang of 14 fallout.  
  • Part of the reason for all of the rancor in the early stages of the primary is that the eventual opponent, two-term Senator Mike DeWine, seems so tantalizingly beatable. Survey USA ranks DeWine in 97th place among senators, with a 45 percent approval rating. In June, DeWine’s own party’s voters offered him a stinging rebuke, when his son Pat finished fourth in the Republican primary for the special election for Ohio’s 2nd District. Many observers viewed this as fallout from the base’s anger at DeWine for his role in the so-called Gang of 14, who stopped the GOP from carrying out its threat to use the “nuclear option” to get rid of the filibuster.
Additionally the Govenor Bob Taft scandel has left a bad tast in the mouths of Ohioans who elected Taft in 1990 to Secretary of State and put the 2 term incumbant Secretary of State S. Brown out of office.  To me this also smacks of pay back from disgruntled voters for Repubican Taft garbage. 
Lets pray for Sherrod to have a conversion back to his father's Genetics!... Prayer is the answer because even if we lose seats it is good to remember that "God writes straight with crooked lines!"  The GOP needs to realize that we conservatives are a bit disaffected by our Representatives' linguine spines(DeWine was not conservative enough and he paid for it).  They need to get back to the Moral Roots of the Party and stop the gang of 14 renegade stuff and fight for what Conservative voters want and that is just the basics like the 10 Commandments type issues.  Hugh Hewitt, another Ohioan had a Great Show and thanks to him for his tireless efforts!
Francis xavier M.D.
Sherrod graduated and moved back home, where his father, a Republican, was initially skeptical. “My dad says, ‘I’m not voting for you, you’re too young,’” says Sherrod. “But he helped a lot.” Mrs. Brown recruited neighborhood kids to lick stamps and stuff envelopes in the basement of their house, and Charles spent nearly the whole semester in Mansfield running the campaign. By the time the election rolled around, Sherrod had knocked on 20,000 doors, nearly half the households in the district. In a stunning upset, he beat the Republican incumbent. She never saw it coming.
Born to run
Sherrod Brown was born in Mansfield, Ohio in 1952, the youngest of three sons. His father Charles was a physician. His mother Emily hailed from Georgia and was an early supporter of the civil rights movement, introducing her boys to political activism at an young age. Sherrod was elected president of his high school student council. “He caused people a lot of headaches because he was such an activist,” says his mother. “The principal didn’t really care for him at all.”
In 1970, he and his friends organized a march in Mansfield for the first Earth Day. “We did this really cool march and we had a really big crowd,” says Brown with pride. “But we get down to the square and none of us had thought about what you do when you get down there. We didn’t have any speakers, and it was like, ‘Oh, shit.’ So we just disbanded.”
Brown enrolled at Yale, where he split his time between Russian Studies and campaign work for liberal candidates, including George McGovern. He so impressed Don Kindt, his local Democratic County Chairman, that the next spring, when Brown was back at Yale finishing up his senior year, Kindt called Brown and asked him to run for state representative. “I remember him calling me,” says Sherrod’s older brother Charles, who was in Yale Law School at the time. “‘You just can’t believe this, this is the most exciting news. Don Kindt wants me to run!’”

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