Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry and his Twin Olbermann

The John Kerry slander of the Military and the Babbling Keith Olbermann a sycophantic Hans Rolfe (lead defense attorney for the Nazi criminal at the Nuremberg Trials) defense of him is astonishing. According to Kerrry and his twin prattling buffoon Olbermann, everybody is STUPID. According to the logorrheic Olbermann President George W. Bush is especially DENSE and SYUPID. These windbags have to be related for the President along with Prime Ministers John Howard of Australia and Tony Blair of Britain are fighting an insidious and pernicious war for Civilization. Men of the West Wake up and do not listen to these Children of Howard Beale!

Their Raving Father?

NRO's The CORNER gives an example of "IRONY" (Jonah Goldberg)
"From a reader: Mr. Goldberg,There's one delicious irony about this whole Kerry thing that I haven't seen commented on yet. In an attempt to make a joke about how dumb Bush is, Kerry makes what is clearly the dumbest statement a politician could possibly make. Kerry's defense is that he mistakenly said something very dumb in an effort to say how dumb Bush is. Now thats irony."

Twin Sons of the Same Political Daddy
On the Stubject of Stupid, if I were the media and GPA 2.0 DEES Kerry I'm of the opinion that since President Bush is so stupid and has such a low an IQ, it would be impossible for Dubya to read Kerry's Mind. Mind reading happens only with those whose brains are beyond the IQ scale right? And these gifted folks by definition must be super intelligent? Is the Media and Kerry claiming that Dubya has suddenly deemed to have huber-intelligence or ESP? Is the President Channeling or has his intelligent genes suddenly kicked in? I guess Katie Couric is a Super Human too as she reads your mind as well!
Wow People of the West do not let these pompous Windbags and less than wise logorrheic twins steal your souls!
Dominus Vobiscum
Francis Xavier


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