Friday, November 03, 2006

Who is Smarter the President or the Senator

Comments on the Jurassic Media's attempt to be the Flying Buttress for John Kerry that need considering:
  1. President Bush is an "Idiot" per GPA 2.0 Kerry's Newsweek article right? Then how can an "Idiot" like the President know what an allegedly smart man like Kerry meant to say. Everyone is suppose to decipher what Dees Kerry meant right? I decipher then from the logorrheic Senator that President Bush is not such an "Idiot" because per Kerry he knew what Kerry's cryptic message meant!
  2. Additionally Kerry claims that the President was using his "botched" statement and misinterpretation of what he say to the GOP's advantage. Well if that is true, the President would be an "Idiot" to not take advantage of such a grapefruit type pitch? Wouldn't Kerry use such a "stupidly" written/delivered statement to his advantage? Yes he would because all is fair in Love, War and Politics!
Conclusion: Both of Senator's GPA 2.0 Kerry's assertions about President Bush when decrypted clearly reveals that President Bush is not an "Idiot" and clearly more intelligent than John D's Kerry! Thank you Mr.Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões Ferreira-John Heinz III stating this truth which only becomes evident after we have unencrypted it as we need to always do because Mr. Debate Champion always "botches" everything he says not just the jokes!

Why does such an "intelligent" and life long Senator always misspeak and mangle his thoughts? Why is it that an allegedly brilliant Senator deliver sentences and speeches which are so corrupted and bungled that they fail to convey the message he wants to give?

The President Mangles his Words but not his thoughts! In my mind that means that he is smarter because he suffers from a dysarthria(a lingual coordination disorder) and Kerry suffers from aphasia(a cerebral thought processing disorder)!capt.efa10303232102.democrats_kerry_efa103.jpg

Thank You La Prisa(Spanish for Rush-Prisa-Limbaugh) for Saving AM Radio which was Dead until you single handedly reinvented it and helped make crate the "Trinity" of New Media made up of the Blogosphere, Talk Radio and Fox News on Cable. Your contribution is PIVOTAL and will outlive you for years to come and help save the Union!.....

Regards and Dominus Vobiscum
Francisco Xavier


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