Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did the President and the GOP lose their Window of Opportunity?

Dingle lingle dingle ling to the GOP!  I think Conservatives are generally disaffected because our Representatives have not performed to our expectations.  Santorum is being groomed by Providence for something BIGGER.  Dems saw Ned Lame as a Puppet for the Radical Left and went with a known quantity, a Scoop Jacksonian like Lieberman.  That is good but how much will it matter?  I fear for our Future and that of our Children.  The Jihadists will have no MERCY!  Wake up People of the WEST....negotiation and diplomacy is an option for the Occidental Mind but not the Jihadists' Mind!   
President Bush needs to let the Military do its thing and win this war or the Democratic Vietnamization Play from there 1960/70's strategy will win trumping the GOP with the help of their have their accomplices in Cronkite's Progeny.
He only has his legacy to fight for and to keep Mrs. Bill Clinton from marching to the White because Iraq goes the way of Vietnam.  Kennedy who started the Noble fight didn't get blamed by Historians for its failure but Dubya will.  The Iraq War needs to end with an Accent on Victory.  The President has no choice but to win for losing will sweep the GOP out of the Oval Office for 08 and perhaps beyond.  The key is to win in Iraq otherwise the Jihadist get a General Giap TKO! Can it be done wiht the Democrats in control of The Hill as Mark Steyn wonders? (5/5/04)
General Vo Nguyen Giap, 92, is still talking about the stories of the battles he fought against Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. 
War is not for the faint hearted so I think the President needs to put the hammer down!  Perhaps it is too late for that and that the withdrawal from Fallujah and letting Muqtada Al Sadr keep his Militia was just too PC, thus sealing Iraq's fate?  If America is divided the Jihadist get spotted lots of Points.  Thank you MSM children of Cronkite you did it again!     
Hugh Hewitt was the Flying Finn of New MEDIA tonight!  Nice Work, Sir Hugh..

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