Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Vietnam Stealth Group aka Iraq Study Group

Just like the Democrats CELEBRATED the defeat of President Bush's attempt to save the Social Security and they will also CELEBRATE the Vietnamization of Iraq(PULL out & let Iraq evolve into either an Iranian puppet state or the new capital of Al Qaeda). In a phrase any failure of BUSH and the GOP base is a Democratic WIN even if the WIN aligns itself with the Jihadists. The Democrats want Power at any price and want America to side with the thinking of the French and Germans United Nations' Technocrats whose ultimate goal is to become a Superpower counterbalance to the USA. These European elites believe that the USA as the only Superpower destabilizes the World. The problem with that is that China now qualifies as a Superpower and Radical Islam is becoming a Superpower thus the USA is not the only Superpower. There is not comparison between the Nobility of the USA and these 2 rouge SUPERPOWERS.

Men and Women of the WEST AWAKEN form your Slumber! English PM Chamberlain failed and PM Bulldog Churchill inspired all and helped to save the WEST with the strong arm of the US!
The Vietnam Stealth Group aka Iraq Study Group(PULL out of Iraq but call it a "Diplomatic solution" & let Iraq evolve into either Iranian puppet state or the new capital of Al Qaeda) will be a backward stepping exercise. Extra-governmental "Monarchies" or "Bipartisan Commissions" like the 911 one undermine our freely elected Executive Branch of Government because the President will be forced to adopt the consensus of the commissions.

I believe that the trajectory of the War on Jihadistic Terrorism is aimed at DIPLOMACY which unfortunately despite its "good intentions" results in appeasement. Historically Appeasement always FAILS. Like William Bennet's book says "America is the LAST Best Hope" but unless Americans wises up this axiom will cease to be true!....

Dominus Vobiscum
Francis Xavier


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