Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Appeasement and the American Frogs are Getting Boiled along with Secretary Robert Gates

You can boil a frog just Never put a live frog in hot water, or it will immediately jump out. No one and nothing likes hot water. However if a Frenchman or a "Frog" can successfully be boiled if the water begins at room temperature. The froggy will gladly settle into the nice room temp H20. When the heat is slowly applied to the water, the temperature rises ever so slowly. The frog is never alarmed at the gradually increasing temperature of the water, until finally the water is boiling, and the frog never jumped.
Sound familiar.....
Either the appeasing politicians and many clueless Americans are "Frogs" or they are paralyzed dancers frozen in time while the tune of the UN Appeasers who think they can charm the Cobra Jihadist plays. Usually the Cobra is transfixed by the Snake Charmer's Music but the Jihadist is not dancing but fakes like he is dancing. This "Charmed Snake" and done a jujitsu move on America as we appeasing America Public is slow dancing only we do not know it. The Jihadists will wait to strike while the Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his group thinking Appeasers believe that Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda will talk and slow dance with us. This Enemy will stop their phony dance and Strike OUT like a Rabid and Venomous Cobra at the West who has been hypnotized and transfixed by the rhetoric of Peace!
Lord Help US. Beslan is in route to America unless America wakes up. I hope that we can recover from it to fight back. Gates is not the Answer and boy I miss Rumsfeld and that Fire Shooting Glare that emanated from his Eyes. Good Lord, Please help America regain its bearing...
Francis Xavier


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