Saturday, December 02, 2006

Govenor Mitt Romney is in trouble with the Migra per the Boston Globe

According to these 'Journalists"  the company that did lanscaping for him "relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink Colonial house on Marsh Street in Belmont"So the implication is that those of us who are agianst illegal immigration have to ask to see the papers of all those employed by a company we hire?
Wow what an earth shattering story on Mitt Romney by the Globe Trotting Investigative Reporters.  Maybe they'll dig up some real dirt on Romney like say...he kept the headphones from a transatlantic flight on 2 occasions and asked for an extra pair of Plane footies once when he was in route to his LDS Mission in France or maybe something as inane as Gov. Romney taking 5 tooth picks or more on multiple occasions from an Olive Garden after eating there. 
I theorize that Romney is so smart as evidenced by the great job he did with the 2002 Olympics.  He beefed up security for the Games and saw this as a chance to pump these Hispanics on their use of Coyotes border smugglers and picked their brains about our non-existence borders.  This info will used by him to build the US a real border when he is President. 
 Additionally I think Romney was teaching the Gardeners English.  He lives by the Philos of give a hungry man a fish feed him for a day teach him to fish feed him for a life time!
"Why are they all AWOL?"
     "Mitt Romney is the first politician, Republican or Democrat or Independent, who has come out in favor of English language teaching for immigrant children. Not even . . . President [Bush] has."
--- Dr. Rosalie Porter, co-chairman of Massachusetts English for the Children, in MassNews, April 16, 2003. Dr. Porter was commenting on the newly elected Governor of Massachusetts, Republican Mitt Romney, whose open support for Question 2, a citizens' initiative ending bilingual education, was passed by Massachusetts voters by a landslide margin of 68 percent in 2002.
I rest my Theory
These reporters are so Transparent and their Globe is one of Nonsense which interesting only for these Metro-Sexual crack Reporters!

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