Thursday, March 22, 2007

Father Fessio is Back! Dominos Vobiscum Pizza!

Father Fessio is Back at Ave Maria in a new position! Hail Mary pass by Tom Monagham? I hope Pope Benedict calls him to Rome and has him return to the USA to help fix the outrages against the Mass and Liturgical Blasphemy taking place. Here is the Story. Guess Father Fessio will be eating Dominos Vobiscum Pizza after all!
He is an amazing Jesuit of the Ignatius and Xavier branch!
Dominus Vobiscum

St. Francis Xavier evangelized the Indies and Japan during
ten years of extraordinary missionary activity beginning in 1542. A second St. Paul, he was canonized on March 12, 1622, and named Patron of All Foreign Missionaries by Pope Pius in 1904

We won't tell. Get more on


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