Thursday, March 15, 2007

Matt Lauer an OU party school Drop-Out and fellow Jewish Reporters wonder if Bush's interrogation caused Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to exaggerate?

I just hear Matt Lauer the Teleprompter News presenter 's on the Radial "Alphabet" Network NBC interview a Terrorism Expert Roger Cressey(here is the video Link) about Al Qaeda #3 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

about KSM's admitted desires to kill Presidents Clinton & Cater, Pope John Paul II, and his admission that he sawed off fellow Journalist Daniel Pearl's head in Pakistan, his involvement in the 1st WTC attack when Clinton was President and the 911 attacks. He also admitted to other US targets at home and abroad. Lauer seemed more concern about the water boarding and "Torture" that this monster got and the authenticity of his confession and delivered a dig at President Bush and our Military for using a vigorously uncomfortable bath than the fact that Al Qaeda Jihadists want to kill "Infidel" Americans of Jewish descent like him and Daniel Pearl and "Infidel" American Children like his!
I have always wandered what was wrong with Matthew. Well now I know, the much vaunted Matt Lauer who was born in New York City and grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. His parents divorced during his youth and his much loved father was Jewish.[from Usa Weekend] But he attended Ohio University,the number 2 rated Party School in AMERICA, in rural Athens Ohio! Matt could not Graduated dropping out four credits short of graduating in 1979. Matt is a College Drop Out! But he was given his unearned degree almost 20 years later because he landed a gig on the Today Show and got famous!

"In 1997, he received his degree from Ohio University. The university awarded him his remaining credits by counting his journalism experience as "independent study" towards his degree. He was also the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony." {Wikipedia}
  • "My dad was Jewish. My mom is not. So I was not raised anything. I do feel a desire now to find something spiritual. Getting married and wanting to have kids has something to do with that."
  • Ohio University-Athens (Athens, Ohio): The Number 2 ranked party school in the USA on Encarta-MSN's Top 10 Party School List
    "Ohio University is the perfect mixture of business with pleasure," students tell us, adding, "We get the work done on the weekdays so we can party hard on the weekends." Most agree that OU is "a rip-roaring good-time party school."
Wow Matthew you are such an accomplished "Scholar". Unfortunately Matthew is another of a long list of American Jewish Journalists

  1. (Marvin Kalb,
  2. Wolf Blitzer,
  3. Andrea Mitchell,
  4. Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. owner publisher of the New York Times,
  5. Mike Wallace,
  6. Frank Rich - columnist, The New York Times[27] ,
  7. Paul Krugman - columnist, The New York Times[24] ,
  8. Seymour Hersh - investigative journalist, uncovered My Lai massacre[16] ,
  9. Katie Couric - Today show host and future CBS Evening News anchor[8] ,
  10. Aaron Brown - former anchor of CNN's Newsnight with Aaron Brown, ABC's World News Now, and ABC's World News Tonight Saturday[5] ,
  11. Dan Abrams - general manager, MSNBC[1],
  12. Barbara Walters,
  13. Jeff Zucker, President, NBC (parent of NBC News)[42]-->

who will do everything possible to delude themselves of the fact that Jihadists want to kill all Jews in Israel and throughout the World, all American Children including Matthew Lauer's his precious kids and all American Infidels! Matt Lauer must continue to Party and kill off Brain Cells with his colleagues like he did at The 2nd Ranked Party School in America! Matt Lauer you are CLUELESS and now I know why!.... You better reconsider the lying words of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

"I'm not happy that 3,000 been killed in America," he says. "I feel sorry even. I don't like to kill children and the kids."

You are a father aren't you and you do love your kids don't you? Well Matt Lauer WHERE ARE YOU? WAKE UP Mr. Millionaire Liberal Journalist and Ohio Univeristy Drop Out or you'll end like Daniel Pearl, a guy with the same profession and a similar Jewish Heritage! Do your home work and realize that you, your fellow "Journalist" of Jewish ancestry and all American "Infidels" are targets and that we all are on the same side regardless of whether we are Liberal or Conservative!...
Dominus Vobiscum


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