Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Please stop claiming that the Virginia Tech Killer had a Psychotic Diagnosis

I wish people on TV and Radio would quite calling the VTech Killer Psychotic.  It implies a Medical Illness and this guy did his home work.  He was goal directed.  Special Forces, Special Ops, Military, Spooks and our fighter Pilots are taught to make sure you kill your targets.  2 bullets to the Chest and 1 to the head.  The Killer did this. Over 175 rounds used.
  • Just over three weeks earlier he bought two ammo clips for his Walther P22 handgun on auction website eBay.
    He used the trading name "Blazers5505" to buy the clips on March 22 from a gun shop in Idaho.
    Cho was a regular trader on eBay and also sold many books about violence and death. He had also visited a firing range at least three times and practiced using his handguns by firing at a cardboard box 25 yards away.
 They delayed the release all the bodies because the families can not ID the Bodies w/o dental records and or finger prints.  Why because the blew their heads off just like Military People do.  Furthermore he used chains to look people in and lock the cops out.
  • Delay brings further grief

  • Family members were frustrated Wednesday that they could neither see nor claim the bodies of students killed in Monday's Virginia Tech shooting rampage.

    A lengthy official identification process has kept friends and relatives from the next step in their grieving, and delayed arrangements for funerals out of state or, in some cases, overseas.

    University President Charles W. Steger met with families at The Inn at Virginia Tech and told them most of the victims' bodies could not be released for burial.

    So far, the bodies of nine of 32 victims have been identified and released
  • Vtech killer photographed 30 bullets, then shot 30 dead 
    However, Dr Eccleston said Cho was unlikely to have been the typical psychopathic killer as many have labelled him, instead suggesting he probably had a "schitzotypal personality disorder".
    A schitzotypal person is characterized by social isolation, "bizarre" behavior, paranoias and unusual thinking and speech
  • FBI profilers had a term for murderers such as Cho - the "mission-orientated killer".
    "This is the killer who is not delusional in the sense that he doesn't hear voices demanding him to kill but he is absolutely compelled to kill because he feels that he needs to rid the world of a group of people that he judges to be unworthy or undesirable in the community ... he sees himself as some sort of vigilante martyr."
His video and written materials make reference to Literary Characters Ishmael of Moby Dick, Ismail Bush, Ismail Ax, Columbine and 911.  This guy sent it to NBC cuz their ratings were in the tank and he knew they would play it for the ratings.  He got the largest Premiere for his Home Movie ever(Bigger than the Blair Witch Project).  Psychotic people are not so calculating.  This guy was smart like a Jackal and as evil as Richard Speck,  BTK Killer and Ted Bundy
  • The killer of room 2121
  • By the time Cho claimed his first victim, he had already been planning his attack for weeks, possibly months. Not that anyone knew it. Cho was a solitary figure on campus, even among the five students with which he shared a 'suite', Room 2121. He spoke rarely and shunned human contact. His only visitors were his parents. 'He never showed any interest in having conversations with anybody. He seemed like a shy person. He never spoke a word when he was around any of us in the suite,' said one room-mate, Karan Grewal.
    In the past few weeks, Cho's routines seem to have shifted. He started going to the gym, beefing up his slight frame. He cut his hair short. He started waking up earlier, rising at 5.30am. He began taking night-time bike rides, disappearing for hours to roam the campus paths.
    These were the superficial changes. Unknown to anyone but himself, Cho was plotting mass murder. Nineteen days before he began shooting, he took a road-trip, renting a car and staying a night in a nearby hotel in Christiansburg. It was on this trip that he would film some of his rambling, hate-laden last testament. It is likely that he also used the privacy to take pictures of himself posing with his guns, a knife and a hammer. He also began drafting manuscripts blaming the outside world and decrying the lifestyles of his fellow students.
    Cho prepared in private. But police are checking to see if he had mentioned or hinted at his plans, whether by phone or email. He certainly had to buy his guns in public. Tragically, it is neither difficult nor unusual for a 23-year-old student legally to buy powerful weapons in Virginia. On 9 February, Cho purchased a Walther P22 pistol from a pawn shop on Main Street in Blacksburg. He then waited just over a month - in order to comply with Virginia state law - before buying a second weapon. On 16 March, he picked out a Glock semi-automatic from Roanoke Firearms, in a town about 30 miles away. With each purchase Cho filled out the correct forms and passed a background check. No one asked what a 23-year-old English student could possibly want with two powerful hand-guns.
People are confused by Psychiatrists on the airwaves as Psychiatric Definitions are always changing and being changed by tha American Psychiatria Association. Psychiatry is a Liberal and Dangerous Lobby changing all the definitions of Morality and Evil.  The V-Tech Killer was not Psychotic!  He was a Hater of Life and wanted to take out 30 people.  Why thirty, who knows.  Is 30 a significant number in some book he read.  Jesus was 33 when he died.  Or was it a pragmatic choice as he figured that was the amount he could kill the guns and ammo he had before the cops would break in.  Either way it was thought out.  Psychotics are much more random.  Please stop calling him Psychotic.  Call him a Hateful Monster who was a Coward killing innocence and getting a kick out of getting a Movie Premiere with his SICK and Macabre Script!
Even Rush said that we are in a Catch 22.  You can not protect yourself against Nuts like this one because they are protected by the Psychiatric Field and Privacy issues.  What about the Collective Good of Society?  For PC reasons you can not do the right thing in our Country.  NB-Cho are weasles and jerks! 

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Blogger Joy said...

Very glad to have found your blog. I am a Virginian who lives less then an hour from Va Tech as well as a psychology graduate. Unfortunately because of some of the things you describe here I never could bring myself to practice it. Instead I used my knowledge to write and publish books on, ironically, grief.
You are absolutely right here. No one who planned and practiced with this much precision could be labeled Psychotic. Just the opposite actually, from what Ive learned he was very methodical and intelligent in his plans.

There is no better label for him then Monster in my book either. Glad to see someone else say it. Even more sickening to me is two nights ago I was watching the News half heartedly when I seen a girls face that I recognized immedately. She was the 'escort' that spent an hour 'dancing' for the Monster a week before he committed mass murder. It makes me pretty ill to give people like this air time. Its terribly ironic to see someone who sells their body for money call him Weird and Strange. This female abandoned her 2 children one of which my best friend fathered and is raising. Now the world, and all the kids he goes to school with, knows his mother is a hooker. Way to go WSLS.

11:11 AM, April 25, 2007  

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