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Virginia Tech University's Killer and his Independent Film Distributor NB-Cho

Diagnosis of NB-Cho

Was NBC-ho hearing Voices? No. Was he having Hallucinations? No. Did he think he was someone other than himself? Like say Napoleon, Alexander the Great? No!

Following Definitions come from American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:
  • Hallucination: A sensory perception (seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling) in the absence of an outside stimulus. For example, with auditory hallucinations, the person hears voices when there is no one talking
Was he Delusional? Yes
  • Delusion: A false, fixed, odd, or unusual belief firmly held by the patient. The belief is not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person's culture or subculture. There are delusions of paranoia (others are plotting against them), grandiose delusions (exaggerated ideas of one's importance or identity), and somatic delusions (a healthy person believing that he/she has a terminal illness).
Was Cho Schizophrenic? Perhaps a very milder case when you consider the wide spectrum of conditions this covers. version
  • Schizophrenia ; ;
    A psychotic disorder characterized by severe problems with a person's thoughts, feelings, behavior, and use of words and language. Psychotic symptoms often include delusions and/or hallucinations. These delusions in schizophrenia are often paranoid and persecutory in nature. Hallucinations are usually auditory and may include hearing voices speaking in the third person, as well as to each other, commenting on the patient's deeds and actions. Schizophrenia does not mean "split personality." Most people develop schizophrenia before 30 years of age with some having their first episode in the teenage years
The American Heritage Science Dictionary - Cite This Source
psychosis (sî-kô'sĭs) Pronunciation Key
Plural psychoses (sî-kô'sçz)
A mental state caused by psychiatric or organic illness, characterized by a loss of contact with reality and an inability to think rationally. A psychotic person often behaves inappropriately and is incapable of normal social functioning.

NBC-ho had a very deliberate and planned out strategy with much research, scheming, arms procurement, research of other groups 911, Columbine and working out with weights so he would look good on his Video. This NBC-ho was a smart killer like the Una-bomber period. The Psychiatry Specialty of Medicine keeps trying to objectify a subjective area of Medicine. Thus, they change and expand the definitions and in effect dilute them. The Best definition is the Classic One I've listed.

Indeed NB-Cho had a sickness but not in his Brain but in his Heart and Soul. He did not snap, he duped NBC and got them to give him a World Premiere that dwarfs any book and movie in history. Talk about a sick sick marketing campaign for an Independent film. NB-Cho did a bad thing and Brian Williams runs to hide underneath Oh-Fluff's skirt on the Oprah Show. Brian compares his actions to the Nobility of the Abu Griab incident. Another failure on their pat in my opinion.The No Brains Clowns will have blood on their hands with the next copy cat imitates this MONSTER. The NB-Cho should be ignored into bankruptcy.

This Monster hated everybody and everything. I have treated Psychotics and this guy was not one. If what Psychiatrists say is true then every socially unacceptable thing a criminal or person can be excused as a Psychotic Varietal of Schizophrenia. Sorry but I do not buy his American Psychiatry Association gobbly gook.

This Humanoid was a Monster and is a harden killer like so many in history. Was John Wilkes Booth, Timothy McVey, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Saddam Hussein PSYCHOTIC or SCHIZOPHRENIC? NO! Do Psychotropic Meds work? Sometimes... Sometimes not...sometimes Antipyschotics cause major problems like Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome(I have a patient whose muscle have been frozen and short circuited by the drugs and is a stiff as a board throughout her body including her eyelids and is confined to a bed) and Serotonergic Syndrome. Cho is a heartless killer just like the Others I have mentioned.

Liviu Librescu had more cause to be a disgruntled and self-loathing coward, hater and killer for the hardships and culture alienation he suffered in his life. However, he had the Spirit of Jesus but was not a Christian and like Jesus an amazing Jew. Liviu Librescu gave up his life for his fellow man!

Liviu Librescu's life was better than the Movie "Its a Wonderful Life" because it was REAL and he has a List of People he saved as well as advancing the science of Aeronautical Engineering in his lifetime!
Librescu had a million strikes against him but he made Cognac out of sour grapes!
He deserves a Monument not for his Glory but for our benefit so that the Occidental World will follow his example. It would built to honor him but would be for us to teach us how to fight back. Maybe that boob Senator Reid would learn something. I urge all to focus on something constructive like the short but treasured lives of these young and beautiful people who were chopped down in the prime of their lives. Think that this could happen to more like them unless we emulate the late Great Professor Librescu.
Debka File
Hundreds attend funeral of Prof. Liviu Librescu, the teacher who died saving his students in the Virginia Tech massacre
April 20, 2007, 2:08 PM (GMT+02:00)
The world-class professor of aeronautic engineering was laid to rest, aged 77, in the Israeli town of Raanana Friday. Present were a representative of the US embassy and an envoy of the Romanian president, who presented his widow and two sons the Star of Romania medal in recognition of his courage and contribution to science. He was also honored for bravery by President Bush and the college heads.
Professor Liviu and Marilana Librescu were Holocaust survivors whom the late prime minister Menahem Beigin helped migrate from Romania by interceding with communist president Nikola Ceaucescu. After some years in Israel, where his sons grew up, the professor took a sabbatical in the United States, staying on to teach at Virginia Tech for twenty years. He was also an adviser to NASA. No Israeli government representative was present at his funeral.

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