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Al Sharpton slams the Mormons! Does Al's Sharp-Tongue make him a BIGOT?....You decide

 I'm not sure if Katie Adams of Rutgers is Mormon and I am not Mormon but I know lots and lots of Mormons but Al Sharpton's(Al's Sharp-Tongue) slam of Govenor Romney, "Matinee Matt", by his religiously bigoted comments of Americans who are LDS offended me. 
  • "As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don't worry about that."  Al Sharpton
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent
A number of District 9  residents, especially those in Shady Cove, where she attended school will remember a little girl that often tagged to events with her father, then District 9 Superintendent TED Adams. That little girl is now a junior at Rutgers University.
Katie Adams was one of those who spoke at a news conference after Imus made such a spectacle of himself regarding the Rutgers girls basketball team.
Katie is a 5 ft. 10" guard for the Scarlet Knights. As a freshman, she made her collegiate basketball debut against Syracuse. That year she was named a Big East Academic All-Star.
"Katie is a great, great kid," said Stacey Brann , Associated Director Athletic Communications at Rutgers.
She graduated from Ogden (Utah) High School as the class valedictorian, ranking first in her class of 320 students with a 4.0 g.p.a .
At Ogden, she averaged 18.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 6.2 steals per game and was a 53.2 percent shooter from the three-point range. She was captain and a starter for her team for three of her four years at Ogden. The list of accomplishments continues. She earned Most Valuable Player honors in the region and was recognized as a U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete, a McDonald's All-America nominee and her team's MVP three times. She was Ogden's female Gold Watch winner, given to the best athlete.
Shady Cove teacher, Fred Alexander, said she had basketball in her heart and played every day. "No wonder she made it to where she is now,' said Alexander.
Basketball wasn't her only high school sports. She finished third at the 2004 state track meet in the two-mile event with a time of 11:40.
She is majoring in psychology and exercise science at Rutgers.
Katie's parents are TED and Donna Adams. She has four brothers and a sister.
IMUS_RUTGERS_LOCAL_PKG_(5.jpgApril 10th, 2007 @ 9:55pm
Amanda Butterfield Reporting
A woman who played basketball at a Utah high school and now Rutgers University is part of the national uproar caused by a talk show host. That host, Don Imus, made sexist and racist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team. One of the team's players attended high school in Utah.

Katie Adams is a junior at Rutgers University. She's trying to focus on studying and finishing the school year with good grades, but it's not happening, she says, because of what she and her teammates were called over national airwaves last week.
"We're angry, and hurt, and it's not just us, but our families, they hurt. The remarks he said shouldn't have been said," she said.

Katie Adams and her teammates did not want to come off a run at the NCAA championships at a press conference, giving reaction to insults made by radio host Don Imus.
Katie said, "Our glory has been taken away from us, all these achievement making it to the championship game which is amazing, especially for this team."
The Scarlet Knights had one of their best seasons in history, winning 25 of their last 30 games, and making their first run at the NCAA championship. They lost to Tennessee then lost again when Imus called the players "nappy-headed hos."
Adams was recruited by Rutgers from Ogden High School, where she started all four years, made the all-state team, and had a 4.0 GPA. At Rutgers she still holds her 4.0 GPA and is majoring in exercise science, but it's been tough this semester. "I'm trying to get good grades, but it's hard with this going on," she said.

Though Imus has apologized for what he said, Adams and her teammates want to meet him. "We want to make sure he knows what great people we are and great young women we are."
The Rutgers women's basketball team says it has agreed to Don Imus' invitation to meet next week but will not say where. The players also say they have not decided whether they'll accept his apology.
Imus has been suspended from his show for two weeks. One company has pulled its advertisements from Imus' talk show. Several other companies say they're thinking about doing the same. 
Ted J. Adams, her father, was Superintendent of Ogden Schools for about 4 years having come from Arizona and Wyoming.  He is now in New York.  She does have 4 brothers and a Sisters!
  • School Administrator,  Nov, 2003  

    The Middle Country Central School District in Centereach, N.Y., welcomed a new superintendent to the district this fall in Ted Adams. He moved from the Ogden, Utah, City School District, where he served as superintendent since 1999. Adams has worked in educational leadership roles for 24 years, including eight years as a high school principal and 14 years as a superintendent.
  • Ted Adams, Program Manager

    Ted is a Program Manager on the District Alliance Team. Prior to coming to the Foundation, he served as superintendent of schools for nearly sixteen years at Middle Country Central School District, NY; Ogden City School District, UT; Jackson County School District 9, OR and Casa Grande Union High School District, AZ. While serving as Superintendent, he helped develop and directed the Portland State University Southern Oregon educational leader preparation program. Ted served as teacher, assistant principal and high school principal in Green River Wyoming and Worland, Wyoming. He also served as Assistant Superintendent in Bloomington, IN. Improving high schools and making system wide reform have been the focus of his learning and work for the past twenty five years. Ted earned a BA in teaching, a MEd. in Educational Foundations and an Ed.S in Educational Administration all from the University of Wyoming. He is currently completing final requirements for his doctorate in educational leadership.
Mitt Romney says the Rev. Al Sharpton's comments about Mormonism and the were "bigoted."


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