Friday, May 18, 2007

Immigration Bill a back room Z-Pact that Gives Illegals all and Legals are squashed!...

Hey the Z-Visa and Migra-Bill is like the Antibiotic Zithromax aka Z-Pack which is so powerful it kills all Bacteria in one Round or a Single Dose! However It is an expensive medicine and this Bill and Z-Visa is being given to Foreign Born people so in one round they get everything that Americans have by Birth right. However we Americans are footing the bill for this expensive Immigration Z-pac. Good deal for the Illegals and Bad Deal for Americans. A single dose Z-pac that give Illegals everything and kills all us Legal Americans.

If more Fort Dix Jihadists or OTM(Other than Mexicans) come over Illegals, Legals and Americans are all dead! How is that the Administration in League with the Senate can pass this Zinger behind doors w/o Parliamentary Protocol but they can not get the War Funded for our Brave Soldiers? This could become a Greek Tragedy if Beslan like attacks are staged from our southern border!


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